The one thing everyone wants is happiness. Whether we know it or not, we are always looking for it. Whether it’s in money, or a job, or a person, happiness is the main goal. But, how do we find it? And will we know when we have it?

The thing about happiness is that you can either wait for it to come to you, or you could sprint towards it and never stop. True happiness isn’t ever anything material, because material things can be taken and destroyed and be gone forever. No, happiness is a feeling. I have found happiness through working on myself. Through positive thinking and trying my hardest to do what’s best for my mental health and my body. Some people find happiness through joining clubs or volunteering, or the hardest of them yet, letting go.

Letting go is arguably the number one thing in the way of happiness. Letting go of old feelings, memories, material things, or anything that is dragging you down is a large step in the direction of happiness. Guaranteed. Don’t let yourself stay stuck in the past and wondering why. You deserve to be happy. In fact, everyone deserves to be happy. So, don’t wish bad on those that may have hurt you and gotten in the way of your happiness. You won’t be truly happy if you do.

We know that we have happiness when we fall asleep at night with that warm feeling hugging us. When we wake up and want to do whatever we had planned that day. Happiness sometimes takes a whole lot of effort, and that’s okay.

Something important to note is that happiness can also be accompanied by sadness or hurting. Just because you aren’t 100% that day or week, it doesn’t mean that your happiness isn’t there. We’re all always works in progress.

Happiness. Let it in.