Everyone Needs To Support St. Jude.

Everyone Needs To Support St. Jude.

From researching cancer to curing it, St. Jude has our best interest in mind.


Recently, I volunteered at a 5k that was raising money for St. Jude. Let me just say right off the bat that volunteering at the run gave me SO much joy! My assigned job was to cheer on the participants and direct them through the course.

As I cheered them on, their faces lit up, and I couldn't help but smile as well.

There were kiddos that attended who were receiving help from St. Jude. Lots of them shared their stories, but many of them were unable to. St. Jude was there to be their voice and speak for the mute.

It was very touching. Seeing where our donations go and seeing the lives it impacts was eye-opening. I saw that the donations we give are actually going to an amazing cause and making a difference.

St. Judes provides millions of people with life-changing procedures and medical treatments. They also conduct research on everything from cancer to genetic disorders. Their work would not be possible without supporters like you and me.

Support doesn't need to be in the form of money, though. Here are some ways you can give to St. Jude:

1. Donations

Donations are a great way to give. Your money can go to help research thrive and help people recover from illnesses.

2. Prayers or good vibes

Whatever you believe in, these are always an option. You can pray for success in St. Jude's research, health in the individuals, and groundbreaking comebacks.

3. Volunteering

St. Jude hosts many volunteer opportunities just like the one I volunteered at. Give your time to St. Jude and get to know them more personally. Go to the events and talk to the children, learn more about St. Jude, and cheer them on. A smile goes a long way.

There is something for everyone.

However, you choose to give to St. Jude is perfect. Anything and everything helps. If you don't get anything out of this article, just take away this one thing: support St. Jude, please.

It doesn't matter how. We need as many supporters as we can. I believe that St. Jude can break barriers and heal the impossible. It all starts with you. Make the decision today to support St. Jude.

Donations can be given to St. Jude online here. Thank you for all your help! St. Jude, the patients, and I are very appreciative of your gracious gifts and time.

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