Imagine for a second that every move you made was looked at with a fine tooth comb or microscope. Imagine that every action that occurred in your daily life was scrutinized, judged, and recorded by the media. Imagine that you had no sense of privacy and that every good and bad thing that you did was made public knowledge. Imagine that you were never allowed to make a mistake. Imagine that you were held to a higher standard than the rest of the world’s population. Imagine you were made to feel like the worst version of yourself. Imagine that you had to try and pretend that you were perfect.

Would you survive? How would you handle it?

Honestly, how exhausting. Now some of you might say that these people signed up for it. These athletes, these celebrities, these political figures; they knew what they were getting into. That's why people often don't feel bad for the girls on the Bachelor crying their eyes out because if they watched the show they should know what they were getting into. Newsflash: everyone knows that 20 people are dating the same dude even if you don’t watch the show but we've never been in their shoes so I'm sure it's no walk in the park. I digress.

For some reason, human beings feel like it is okay to judge people they don't know. From a young age we are taught to not judge a book by it’s cover, but guess what? We do! We all do! If you're reading this and believe that you have never judged a person you are surely mistaken and should get off your high horse. Judging people is human nature. It’s okay to judge people but to a certain extent. If you do it maliciously or vindictively to actively tear down a person then you need a reality check.

If you were a famous athlete, celebrity, or politician and placed on the highest pedestal possible by at least half the world; wouldn’t that be intrusive? Do we forget that these people are human? When does it become okay to stop treating them as human beings and to start treating them as objects we can objectify and pick apart?

There have been articles written, videos posted, and discussions had about Cam Newton's exodus from the Superbowl postgame interview. Some people think that it was his duty to talk to the press and despite the loss he still shouldn't have walked out because it was rude and a whole other slew of bullsh*t. I see where that side is coming from, but seriously? Let me know when you become the quarterback of an NFL team that has gone 15-1 only to lose the biggest game of your professional career. When that happens then by all means judge away because you’ve experienced what Cam is going through right now. Until then people will speculate away on whether he did the right or wrong thing but let's not forget about those many times when you were a less than perfect human being and the whole world didn't judge you for it.

Maybe he made a mistake. Maybe he didn’t. Why do we care? He’s one person whose life shouldn’t affect ours. We pick up People to figure out the latest celebrity gossip and we judge these strangers because society is basically saying it’s okay. We open up Fox News on our computers and read about the most current scandal happening with the presidential candidates. Yes, it’s shocking how much they can get away with but it’s also shocking how mistakes on our radar become life-shattering events if they were to happen to any politician. Could you imagine if every person that cheated was questioned like Bill Clinton or berated like Monica Lewinsky? Maybe there would be less cheating in the world.

People make mistakes. Everyday people make mistakes. It's human nature. Someone cheated, someone did illicit drugs, someone drank and drove, someone called someone the C word, someone stole something, someone crashed a car, someone deflates footballs before the Superbowl. It happens. It shouldn't but it does. Yet our lives don’t get documented 24/7 by other people. Thank God.

I would be naïve if I believed that the word is made up of perfect people. We are a society made up of imperfect people.

I guess the main point of what I'm trying to say is that people are imperfect. People make mistakes but one mistake shouldn't define someone for the rest of their lives. So maybe if you're reading this you've made a mistake in your past that you've wanted to be forgotten, don't let that mistake define you. Don't let it rule your life. So lets take it easy on Cam Newton shall we? His hopes and dreams were just crushed. Cut him some slack.

As cliché as it sounds, celebrities, professional athletes, and politicians are people too so lets stop thinking of them as people who should have their sh*t together. So put the People down, step away from your TV, close out of the Internet, and go try to remedy the mistakes that you’ve made.

No matter how much you think you know a person, which you believe gives you the right to judge a person, remember you never truly know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes. Making mistakes is human nature so let’s not fault people for their imperfections.

Let’s go back to the basics and follow what our teachers and parents have been telling us all along: treat others the way you want to be treated and don’t judge a book by its cover.