Forever is long, difficult, and messy; there is no guarantee that forever will be forever. Your forever person won't be perfect. People are stubborn, messy, and hard to understand, but when you find that person, their flaws become their perfection in your eyes. Here are 6 reasons why your forever person won't be perfect:

1. Stubbornness 

People are stubborn to a fault and sometimes this gets in the way of being together.

2. Pride

People enjoy their pride. It's what families are built on, and it can tear people apart when they are too proud to admit they are wrong.

3. Workaholics

Work, work, work, work. If you date a Type A personality, you know most of the time, work comes first. Making money comes first, but if you focus too much on work, the future you want with someone could slip away.

4. Holding emotions in.

Keeping things to yourself is a major relationship killer. You can't work through everything on your own. Sometimes, you need that extra helping hand to keep you on the right path.

5. Career Paths

Careers can pull people in different directions, whether it's a different city, a different state, and even a different country. Sticking together throughout career changes is a part of a healthy relationship.

6. Family 

Sometimes your family isn't going to love your forever person, and this is something that people face everyday.

Forever is messy, forever is hard, and forever doesn't come easy. But, if you push through it together, you are going to make it to forever, together.