Why EVERYONE Is Looking Forward To Christmas

Why EVERYONE Is Looking Forward To Christmas

There is negativity surrounding us everywhere, but the holiday season always cheers us up.


There is negativity surrounding us everywhere. From the news to current events, when we are conversing with others and our family, it seems that we are only talking about the bad things that are happening. There doesn't seem to be too much good news or many things that should make us happy. Positivity seems hard to find these days, and everyone has been feeling more distant to each other because of attacks and violence that have become normalized in society. With all the negativity swarming around the news and our daily lives, we just want a break from it to make our own happiness.

The decorations are coming out from hiding and covering our homes and lawns. Everyone is throwing out their pumpkins for the squirrels to eat and putting up their wreaths to replace them. Stores are coming out with gift ideas, wrapping paper, and light decorations. Santa look a-likes are showing up for the opportunity to take a picture with them. Christmas music is playing in the shopping malls, on radios, and in homes while the smell of cookies overcomes the air.

Everyone is happy and smiling and it seems that nothing can ruin our spirits. Snow will soon be falling and covering everything we know with a white blanket of dust. Everyone is happy regardless of if the amount of snow traps us inside our homes, as long as we are warm and we have each other's company to enjoy.

I know it seems early to talk about Christmas considering Thanksgiving season is upon us. We are getting ready to come together with our friends and family to celebrate and give thanks for everything we are blessed to have. We eat, sing, dance, and enjoy our time together.

After Thanksgiving will come Christmas. Some of us look forward to Christmas all year, and when it comes by, we are overcome with this feeling of love. We want to spread joy and help those in need. It is a time when the negativity is leaving our minds and we want to replace it with our experiences. What better way to do this than to volunteer and help those that may need an extra pick me up this season.

Volunteering at your local soup kitchen is a great way to give back to the community and give a meal to those that may not get one. Donate your time to help a family in need that may be struggling this season. Buy some toys and wrap them for children whose parents may not be able to afford Christmas presents. There are many things that you can do to have a positive and happy Christmas. What better way to celebrate the season of giving than helping those that are less fortunate? Help them forget about all the negativity in this world.

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