Not Every Woman Has To Be A Mother

I do want to have children one day. Once I figure out my life and follow my dream and career that I want to pursue, I obviously will want to enter a new chapter in my life as a mother. The thing that some people don’t understand is that some people just do not want to be a mom. I applaud those who realize this now before to is too late. The ones who become moms and neglect their children is going on too much in this country. Some just aren’t ready and some just want to get rid of it because they don’t have time, they don’t care, or they just can’t handle it.

At least the women who know they do not want to moms say it and don’t care. Being pregnant is something that America has made it seem that us women must do. You must go to school, you must get married, you must have kids and take care of everything else.

We, women, have our own choices and we do not have to do anything. We do not need to get married and depend on a man, we do not need to clean everything and make dinner, we do not need to have babies. We can have children but that is not all we were made for. Many people frown upon the idea of a woman just wanting to be single and on her own for her life.

Those women have many plans for their life and they don’t want or need anything to distract them from their priorities.

Having a child is a big responsibility and should only be handled by those who want to have kids and who think they can take on the challenge. For the ones who weren’t ready but took care of the child anyways, you’re doing great. If your baby is your priority, you’re doing good. I am just overhearing all the complaining and looking down upon women who just do not want to have kids. It is a life choice and it is better to know than to think you would want one and then realizing you don’t once it is too late for you to go back. That is why many kids end up in foster care or being adopted.

Some people just can’t deal with having kids. I think that shouldn’t be looked down upon or looked at as a bad thing. I think that should look at as a positive thing. Better to be safe than sorry. I believe that anyone has a say in their life and the choices they choose.

Do I support all of it, no. But I do support the ones who do not want to be parents.

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