An Oath To Make Every Day A 'Treat Yo' Self' Day

It's easy to get caught up in the midst of things. To go through life every day just rushing and pushing to move onto the next thing and the next thing and the next.

With it being school season and with fall rolling in, it's easy to just want to move onto the next day, never focusing on what's going on in front of you.

The weather gets colder, the nights get darker, the days get shorter, and that's all we seem to feel. It's important to remind yourself that it's OK to take a deep breath and step back. It's important to take care of yourself and to give yourself extra love sometimes.

A lot of people focus on making sure everyone else around them is getting enough care and maintaining a healthy life, but for some reason, it's always difficult to do that to ourselves.

That's the selfless act of it all.

I am a firm believer in self-care and self-help days. Days where we wake up in the morning and feel so blah with our self that we just need a day to take time to regroup and reenergize. I grew up in such a comforting environment to know that it is OK to take time for yourself.

There are so many different forms of self-care and I think people always look at self-care as taking a bath or taking a nap, which is totally valid. But there's so much more to that.

Self-care is taking care of your body and rejuvenating it and making sure it has all the energy it can have again. It's not just about your mental health, but self-care is also about your physical health by eating good foods and getting a good amount of sleep.

Take a long, hot shower, cook yourself a healthy home-cooked meal, do the face mask, turn on all the soft toned lights you can find, and burn all the candles possible and indulge yourself in silence and early sleep.

We are constantly in a rush and going and going that we don't really realize when enough is enough. And that's OK! Work and school and maintaining a routine is important, there's a purpose to what you're doing and a drive to your actions.

But it's so important to listen to your body and listen to it when it's telling you to halt and take care of yourself.

A lot of times you find yourself stuck in school or at work. Superiors above you and professors don't always understand what you're going through and how detrimental a buildup of stress can be. You have to take time for you.

At the end of the day, you're in control of your own actions and own disciplines. You have to dip into your mental health and listen to your own body when you can't take certain things anymore.

Self-care is important.

Taking care of your body physically and mentally and the ultimate successor. Only you are in control of that.

Find the ways that your body builds off of mental health.

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