It is funny about some people to take being strong as in, that person doesn't need affection and does not get lonely.

People take being content as in never longing for love or never having the thought of walking down a dirt run, smelling the fresh burnt Autumn leaves, holding the hand of your best friend and the love of your life.

Being strong means having the strength to withstand pressure, being able the endurance the trails and tribulation while remaining your faith in God and faith in yourself.

Being content means that you are confident within yourself and that you do not need someone telling in Goodnight and Goodmorning gorgeous every day. Being content means that you have fun with yourself and your friends. Being content means that you are satisfied and in complete in happiness no matter what stage you in at life.

However, saying all this, just because you are content and strong doesn't mean you long for affection from a guy. Sometimes you are surrounded by people are in a relationship, getting engaged, adding little members to their family, etc. Sometimes you just want to come home to after a long day and talk about everything and drink some coffee, sometimes you do not want to talk you just want a bear hug.

Right now it is not about a boyfriend, right now, I just want a good guy friend. Yes, I am strong, I am content, but little affection would not hurt.