Even if.

Even if I don't get an A on that exam...

Even if I get told that I'm not good enough...

Even if my surrounding circumstances are giving me every reason to give up...

Even if.

What I have learned most recently, is that regardless of where I think I should be in life or what is going on around me, Gods sovereignty covers it all.

Last semester was one of the hardest semesters I've ever had to face, and that was because I had the idea that if my surrounding circumstances were not in favor, then God was not in my favor. I thought that I was doing something wrong to bring about all of these emotions and things that I was going through, and as a result, spiraled into a constant ball of anxiety.

There was not a particular moment that I realized that this mindset was not healthy. It happened slowly, as I learned to have more grace with myself and others around me. I came to the realization that even if I don't feel 100% myself, or if everything is telling me to just simply throw the towel in, that is when I must realize that God covers it all.

I must not base my joy or my attitude off of my circumstances, but the idea that God is there with me, covering my circumstances.

Sometimes, a little faith is all that we can muster up, and that in itself, is enough.

We all know how easy it is to feel God when things are going right for us, and our lives look exactly how we want them to look, but what about when they don't?

On your worst day, Gods sovereignty covers you just as it does on your best day.

Even if.