Recently, there have been news stories about what different companies are doing to make a difference in the world. The most recent, and largest, one I've seen is the one about how some companies are getting rid of their plastic straws and exchanging them for paper. So, I have compiled a list of companies/brands that are doing something to make some sort of difference in the world.


So I recently bought a shirt from here because they are adorable, but the company also donates a percentage of their profits to saving animals who are to be put down in shelters. Here is their website.

2. Lokai

I've also collected a few different Lokai bracelets over the year. The point of the bracelet is to show us to never feel too low or too high. Lokai releases special bracelets every so often, where they donate the bracelets to certain causes, such as various cancers, Alzheimer's, autism, cleaner water, etc. Check out the different "cause bracelets" they offer here.

3. Wounded Warrior Project

For every generous donation you give to WWP, they send you a free gift. Donate here.

4. Starbucks

As I previously mentioned, there are companies making a movement to remove plastic straws from their establishments. Starbucks is one of those companies. They have recently announced that by 2020, they will have replaced their plastic straws with lids that do not need straws, but if you prefer a straw, a more environmentally friendly option will be available. You can read more about it here.

5. Thorn

So this is a non-profit organization that I knew nothing about until recently. This is an organization co-founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. These two donate their time to saving children who have been forced into sex trafficking. Not only to they donate their time to this, but Kutcher and Moore have saved hundreds of children from this horrible life. Learn more about their organization here.

6. Schoola

Schoola was founded by a former teacher/school principal. She founded her organization as a way to fund schools. Families can donate their unused clothing to the website, and for every $5 spent, a school will receive $2 to help fund the different programs and activities. You can donate your old clothes here.

7. Better World Books

Better World Books collects and sells old books. They use the money they collect as a way to give away scholarships, assist with school libraries, etc. If you're a book lover, you can buy books here.

8. iHeart Dogs

iHeart Dogs sells dog foods and toys, and every purchase you make is put towards providing food for dogs in shelters. If you have a love for saving the dogs, visit the website here.

9. Nike

In an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, the Nike CEO has decided that his company will use old, recycled shoes to make the fresh new shoes they release. We all love Nike, and now it's more friendly to the environment so shop here.

10. MasterCard

MasterCard now has a program called the MasterCard Aid Network. They provide a card, similar to gift cards, to those in serious need to use at certain places so they can obtain the basics for living. They are redeemable at certain grocery stores and pharmacies. To learn more, click here.

11. Target

Target established a movement back in the 1940s. They made it known that they would always donate 5% of their earnings back into the communities. Being that Target is now a very large corporation, they are donating a large portion of money back into the local communities. To learn more, click here.

Some of the places we spend our money are making a difference without us every really knowing. It's 2018 though, so we should start taking notice to who helps out our community.