6 Essentials for Students who Commute

I have seen an abundance of "things to buy for your dorm room" articles as of late. Although they are quite helpful for students who plan to live in a dorm on campus, this article will focus on those students who decide to commute to their college. Since we too need certain things as we begin a new semester.

1. Reusable Water Bottle

They are a staple for any student in college. But, when you do not live on campus and plan to spend the day on campus, you may get thirsty, so buy a reusable water to fill up practically anywhere; hallway water fountain, library, cafeteria or gym.

2. Good Backpack

Backpacks become essential for any student, especially those who commute. You will have your laptop, notebooks, textbooks and other belongings in there for the entire day. I suggest investing in a comfortable and quality backpack. I purchased one with padded shoulder straps and a laptop slot.

3. Headphones

People are the worst sometimes. Sometimes, you just want to tune out the world. (literally, see, I put a pun in here) In all honesty, there is no place to go that is your own on campus if you commute. So headphones, quality, noise canceling headphones are a must have.

4. Essential oil diffuser, salt lamp, or anything that provides "good vibes"

When you come home after a long day of classes and commuting, you need to unwind. Nothing has helped me more than having my "thing". Whether it be an oil diffuser or even fairy lights. When I turn it on it makes me feel more relaxed, and I know that I am home.

5. Your "go-to" outfit

I used to dress up for high school, strange, I know. But, when I went to college I had no clue what to wear. It may seem unnecessary, but your outfit does affect your mood. I decided on a few "go-to" outfits, that I know I am comfortable in and that will make me feel good. One of them is a simple jeans and sweater combination. While my other is baggy sweatpants and my college sweatshirt.

6. Entertainment stock pile

I always carry a book with me, that is not for class but leisure reading. If I have my laptop, I will have a show on Netflix saved on my list. If I am on campus for a long day, I will pack snacks or text a friend to get lunch. Some days, I just stay in the library and finish work. As long as you find ways to keep yourself entertained, you won't get in the "commuter rut".

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