Stevie Nicks is one of the most iconic women in rock and roll history. She's had a career spanning 40 years and countless hits. She's also an accomplished songwriter. Last time I wrote about Fleetwood Mac. This week we're exploring Stevie Nicks solo career. Her first album Bella Donna was released in 1981. Stevie had spent the last couple years as the front woman for Fleetwood Mac and before that part of the duo Buckingham Nicks. this was the first time she would have a solo album. Nicks was the first member of Fleetwood Mac to have her own solo career, hers was arguably the most successful. As a result, Stevie has been able to separate her own legacy from that of her band and is widely regarded as The Queen of Rock n' Roll.


Found on Nicks' first solo studio album, Stop Dragging My Heart Around, was an instant hit. This famed collaboration featured Nicks' good friend and fellow megastar, Tom Petty. Petty's guitar playing combined with Nicks' vocals was gold, helping to cement Nicks' career as a solo artist. Nicks and Petty would reunite from time to time in the years following, though this is probably their more iconic duet.


From her second studio album The Wild Heart, Stand Back was another or Nicks' biggest hits. Upbeat and very 80's, this song was a bit different than Stevie or Fleetwood Mac's usual sound. This powerful album and equally powerful video helped Stevie establish her image not only as strong, self-reliant woman but as a serious solo artist.


Featured on her first studio album Bella Donna, Edge of Seventeen was arguably Stevie's biggest hit, it's certainly her most popular and well-known song. However, opinions vary when it comes to the message behind this iconic piece. Many believe Edge of Seventeen is about Stevie's first love and fellow Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham, who has inspired a good deal of her music and her of his. Others believe the song is actually about death.

GHOSTS - 1989

From her fourth studio album, The Other Side of the Mirror, this song isn't an iconic Stevie Nicks tracks but it's a personal favorite of mine. Ghosts is also rumored not only to be about Lindsey Buckingham, but about Stevie's romantic relationships in general. Buckingham was someone who had a profound effect on her career and on the music that followed. This song, however, seems to be centered on Stevie and her outlook on love in general. She's reflecting on all these loves and making peace with them.


From her seventh and more recent studio album In Your Dreams, This song was inspired by the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe. inspired by her love of the Poe's work, Stevie reworked the poem into a recorded version for the album and set it to music. The result is a dreamy and lyrical rendition.