10 Essential Teen Movies To This Generation

10 Essential Teen Movies To This Generation

"Is butter a carb?"


Teen movies have shaped generations for so long and I am so thankful that these are the movies that have shaped mine! Here are 10 essential teen movies that have followed me throughout the years.

1. "Mean Girls"

When you think teen movie, you think "Mean Girls" is the obvious one. This movie may just be the most quotable of all time and has stayed with people through the years because it's just a classic. It has an all-star cast and will go down as a all time great.

2. "10 Things I Hate About You"

I am biased to this movie as it was shot 30 minutes from my house but it is truly a quality film and deserves all the praise it has gotten. Heath Ledger shines in this film and is undoubtedly one of the Hollywood’s all time greats.

3. "Easy A"

Easily the funniest movie on this list — I can't even begin to say all the witty one liners from this movie. This movie launched Emma Stone into stardom and rightfully so.

4. "She's The Man"

And here ladies and gentleman we have Amanda Bynes at her absolute best. This movie is an instant classic that i could watch over and over and never get sick of mainly because of its witty humor and great story line. But, the end candy in the form of both Amanda and Channing Tatum doesn't hurt either.

5. "Sleepover"

Let me just say this: Sean Farris never being considered as a teen heartthrob pisses me off. Look at this man — what an absolute treasure. Okay onto the movie, it's everything you want out of a teen movie: it's emotional, it's funny and there's plenty of drama! It is one of the most underrated teen movies of all time.

6. "The Princess Diaries"

This is heads and shoulders above every other teen movie to ever exist. When you team up Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews you are guaranteed to have a stellar film.

7. "The Clique"

This is THE most underrated movie of all time and quite frankly I am over it. The entire cast of this movie is so talented and brings drama and wit to the screen. It's just as quotable as "Mean Girls" and tells just as unrealistic of a high school story that you will love just as much.

8. "A Cinderella Story"

While this classic story has been remade time and time again, nothing will ever come close to touching the pure genius that is the original with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. This movie is set in Los Angeles and has arguably the best actress in my opinion to come from "child stardom" Hilary Duff. It's dramatic and has witty moments and moments of such pay off that it will fill you with so much joy.

9. "Paper Towns"

Okay listen I know a lot of John Green's work is seen as cheesy, but I stand by this coming-of-age film. I think Nat Wolff stole this movie and is easily one of the best performances in a YA movie I have seen ever so let's be clear on that. I also think that the quote "How can you expect a person to be more than a person" is so impactful and really stuck with me and made me think about the pedestal I often put others on.

10. "Just My Luck"

This underrated movies stars Lindsay Lohan in her prime as well as dream boat Chris Pine. This movie is one where you root for both the main characters and you fall in love with them and the film has romance and great music and plenty of humor and heartfelt moments.

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14 Stages Of Buying Jonas Brothers Concert Tickets As A 20-Something In 2019

"Alexa, play "Burnin' Up" by the Jonas Brothers."


In case you missed it, the Jonas Brothers are back together and, let me tell you, they're giving us some major jams. For those of us who were there when it all began back in 2007 with their first album, It's About Time, this has been one of the most important events of the year. But nothing, and I mean nothing can rival the excitement every twenty-something felt as the Jonas Brothers announced their Happiness Begins tour. I, for one, put my name in for ticket presale, have been following every single social media site related to the tour/group, and, of course, listening to the Jonas Brothers on repeat. And if you did manage to snag tickets, then you know that this is how your brain has been ever since they announced the tour.

1. Finding out that they're going on tour

2. Hopefully entering your name into the lottery to get presale tickets

3. Finding out that you actually get to buy presale tickets

4. Impatiently waiting for your presale tickets by listening to their songs on repeat

5. And remembering how obsessed you used to be (definitely still are) with them

6. Trying to coordinate the squad to go to the concert with you

7. Waiting in the Ticketmaster waiting room...

8. ...And feeling super frantic/frustrated because there are about 2000 people in line in front of you

9. Actually getting into the site to buy the tickets

10. Frantically trying to find seats you can actually pay for because, let's be real, you're twenty-something and poor

11. Managing to actually get the seats you want

12. Joyfully letting your squad know that you've done it

13. Crying a little because all of the dreams you've had since 2007 are coming true

14. Listening to every single Jonas Brothers song on repeat (again)

If you, like me, have finally fulfilled one of your dreams since childhood, then congrats, my friend! We've made it! Honestly, of all the things I've done in my adult life, this might be the one that child me is the most proud of.

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15 Thing Only Early 2000's Kids Will Understand

"Get connected for free, with education connection"


This is it early 2000's babies, a compilation finally made for you. This list is loaded with things that will make you swoon with nostalgia.

1. Not being accepted by the late 90's kids.


Contrary to what one may think, late 90's and early 00's kids had the same childhood, but whenever a 00's kid says they remember something on an "only 90's kids will understand" post they are ridiculed.

2. Fortune tellers.


Every day in elementary school you would whip one of these bad boys out of your desk, and proceed to tell all of your classmates what lifestyle they were going to live and who they were going to marry.



You could never read this book past 8 o'clock at night out of fear that your beloved pet rabbit would come after you.

4. Silly bands.


You vividly remember begging your parents to buy you $10 worth of cheap rubber bands that vaguely resembles the shape of an everyday object.

5. Parachutes.


The joy and excitement that washed over you whenever you saw the gym teacher pull out the huge rainbow parachute. The adrenaline that pumped through your veins whenever your gym teacher tells you the pull the chute under you and sit to make a huge "fort".

6. Putty Erasers


You always bought one whenever there was a school store.

7. iPod shuffle.


The smallest, least technological iPpd apple has made, made you the coolest kid at the bus stop.

8. "Education Connection"

You knew EVERY wood to the "Education Connection" commercials. Every. Single.Word.

9. " The Naked Brothers Band"


The "Naked Brothers Band" had a short run on Nickelodeon and wrote some absolute bangers including, "Crazy Car' and "I Don't Wanna Go To School"

10. Dance Dance Revolution


This one video game caused so many sibling, friend, and parent rivalries. This is also where you learned all of your super sick dance moves.

11. Tamagotchi


Going to school with fear of your Tamagotchi dying while you were away was your biggest worry.

12. Gym Scooters


You, or somebody you know most likely broke or jammed their finger on one of these bad boys, but it was worth it.

13. Scholastic book fairs


Begging your parents for money to buy a new book, and then actually spending it on pens, pencils, erasers, and posters.



Who knew that putting yogurt in a plastic tube made it taste so much better?

15. Slap Bracelets


Your school probably banned these for being "too dangerous".

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