Think I'm being dramatic? Watch the video.

Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as G-Eazy, came on to the hip hop scene a couple years ago and has enjoyed a steady rise to fame. Gillum hails from Oakland, California, the oldest child of Edward Gillum - A professor at CSU Fresno, and Susanne Olmsted, the couple divorced when he was very young. After going to live with his grandparents, they relocated to Berkley, California, where he attended High School, - which, sidenote is the same high school my cousins Sylvie and Malakhi, have and will attend - miss you guys <3. After Berkley, Gillum went to Loyola University for a degree in music industry studies. His mix tapes were met with limited success until his debut album These Things Happen tipped the scales, sending him from "overlooked to overbooked" (his lyrics). In his few years atop the charts, Gillum has stacked up more than a few hits. - all of which I could easily add to this list, but after some extensive into his catalogue, I managed to find a couple gems. I got into G-Eazy purely by chance, - I just happened to move in with the right people this fall. ;) So wether you've never heard of him, or need no introduction this list is for you.

1. SOME KIND OF DRUG ft. Marc E. Bassy

"I got the drink, I got the herb, I'm tweakin', now I must be cured The only way I rest assured is if... I get my fix.

From on his sophomore album, When It's Dark Out, this is hands down my favorite track, not only from this album, but of his recorded works. This boozy, sexy, beat and collaboration with Marc E. Bassy is the perfect introduction to G-Eazy's catalogue. It's easy listening and is key to party playlist. I say that with confidence because Some Kind Of Drug has become a staple feature at my parties this year.


"You say the same love, this is fake love I sold you a dream and you kept the pay stub"

This is one of my new favorites. Tired Of Talking is a bit of an undiscovered gem found on LÉON's remixed album. While G-Eazy is just a feature artist on this track, his part contributes hugely to this track. LÉON's style is diversifies both their catalogues.

3. DON'T LET ME GO ft. Grace

"Even the brightest of colors turn to greys. highs comes down but the pain still stays. even the longest of nights turn days."

Don't Let Me GO is kind of a different kind of sound for G-Eazy. When I first heard it I was reminded of an old black and white movie, there's something timeless about it. Don't Let Me GO is an accomplishment for both artists, for Grace's dramatic, pain-stricken chorus mixed with G-Eazy's steady rhymes to make a perfect moody blend of musical styles.

4. TUMBLR GIRLS ft. Christoph Andersson

"Meant to die, we moved fast and then we crashed You and I were made of glass, we'd never last"

From his first studio album, These Things Happen, this track is classic G-Eazy. With it's breezy, steady beats and rhythmic lyrics, Tumblr Girls has a hypnotic quality as well and flows like melodic, melancholy poetry that you just want to hear over and over again. The piece also features producer and noted hip-hop artist, Christoph Andersson.


"So hard on myself I think I'm going insane The mind of a perfectionist is always in pain"

Sad Boy is one of G-Eazy's more personal pieces. Rather than spin lyrics about drinking, sex and his life post fame. This rare solo track, also featured on When It's Dark out, reflects on some of his most painful memories and gives us a vivid look into his early life in the Bay Area of California, one that had it's fair share of hardships.

Be sure to check out G-Eazy's catalogue, available on Itunes and streaming on Spotify. And catch his new single Guala ft. Carnage, out now.