Be on ESPN College GameDay at the UVA vs. DUKE GAME
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Be on ESPN College GameDay at the UVA vs. DUKE GAME

State Farm Awards $5,000 to UVA’s Best Showcase of Philanthropy!

Be on ESPN College GameDay at the UVA vs. DUKE GAME

$413,369.  56,882 hours.

That’s how much the UVA Greek community gave towards philanthropic efforts in the 2013–2014 school year.

Every single dollar that the UVA Greek community raised took time, effort, and hard work. Raising that money meant sacrificing a Saturday morning sleeping in, a Thursday night out, and maybe — just maybe — even a few percentage points on your Econ grade. And it’s worth it. 

But there is an easier way to raise that money - $5,000 with a single tweet to be exact.

State Farm is choosing one lucky University of Virginia student to reward their #OffCourtAssist in their community to receive a $5,000 donation to their philanthropy and an ESPN GameDay Prize Pack including a $250 gift card to the campus store and sweet ESPN College GameDay swag. 

How to Win:

1. Pick a photo of your #OffCourtAssist participating at a philanthropy, or doing community/volunteering work. 

2. Post on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram with the hashtags #OffCourtAssist #UVA. 

3. Repeat as many different times and photos as you want, from NOW through this Thursday, January 29th @ 12pm EST. 

One national grand prize winner will also be rewarded - receiving the $5,000 donation, the Prize Pack, PLUS an exclusive behind-the-scenes ESPN College GameDay Postseason Experience in Indianapolis. 

There are dozens of philanthropy events every year at UVA with each raising money ticket by ticket or T-shirt by T-shirt. Altogether, they make a significant difference.  But what if you could jumpstart your chapter’s fundraising?

Here’s what $5,000 would mean to some of our fellow Greek chapters: 

Alpha Delta Pi’s Ace It to Raise It

Alpha Delta Pi raises money for Ronald McDonald House Charities through their annual Ace It to Raise It Tennis Tournament. Last year, the event raised $12,150. 

The event supports the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville, which provides a home away from home for families with children being treated at the UVA Children’s Hospital. “As a nursing student, I spend a small amount of time with patients and their families and yet learn so much about them and care for them so much. It’s hard for me to walk away each day knowing I can’t do more for them. But RMH gives me that chance,” said Shannon McDonald, Alpha Delta Pi sister.   

Participants pay $12 to play in the tennis tournament. So in order to raise $5,000, the Alpha Delta Pi sisters have to sign up  417 participants. 

Alpha Tau Omega’s Taus for Paws

Alpha Tau Omega raises money each year for the Charlottesville Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals through their annual Taus for Paws event. This spring event is the perfect opportunity for UVA students to get their dog fix; the fraternity brings out dogs from the SPCA for students to play with, as well as having a live band, carnival games, and a bounce house. Last year, the event raised $2,200.

Javier Badillo, the current philanthropy chair for ATO, said, “I know that each time I am organizing and planning the event, in the end some abused animal will have a better future. That is what truly motivates me.” 

Tickets to the event cost $5, which means that 1,000 people have to go in order for the fraternity to raise $5,000. 

Zeta Tau Alpha’s Run for Life 5K

One of the most established philanthropy events in the Greek community is Zeta Tau Alpha’s Run for Life 5k each spring. The event — which raised over $25,000 last year — benefits the UVA Breast Care Center in support of breast cancer care and research.    

Caroline MacDonald, Zeta’s Director of Philanthropy, said, “This event holds a special place in my heart because my mom was our community adviser for over 15 years. She helped us pull off our 20th race, the most successful yet, before passing away from cancer herself this past fall. This year I’m serving as Zeta Tau Alpha’s director of philanthropy in hopes of continuing my mom’s legacy and making this year’s race the best it can be.”   

Registration for the race costs $15 for UVA students. So in order to raise $5,000, the sorority needs to get 334 students to participate. 

As we head into the craze of philanthropy season, get a head start on your own chapter's philanthropic efforts. Save time and effort, and give even more to your philanthropy with just a tweet, or simple post to Instagram or Facebook.

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