One thing that has always bothered me when it comes to discussion about race is that the line between equality and supremacy is often blurred. We say we are fighting to be equal but why in that race are we trying so hard to prove we are better. We say we want to be one people but we try to rise only as a color. We find every instance as to how we might have been wronged but how much time does it take to merge in the path long? I don't see it necessary to try to find how we might be better than someone else, sometimes we exclude ourselves by only paying attention to thy self. this is a poem I wrote along those lines.

To My Colored Brothers And Sisters

If all you can talk about is how we're oppressed

And then you go bragging about how we're the best,

Maybe you should wake up for once and you'll see.

You're a poser who doesn't care for equality.

Yes I would like for things to get better indeed

For you and for me and for he and for she

But I won't let my foot rest upon their cheek

When the message I preach is to be equal with thee

I might be black with a history full of pain

They might not even care for our gain

But I know if harm does fall upon myself

I wouldn't wish that harm on anyone else

I might be black

But that doesn't mean I'm better

How can we say we wish for equality with the other

If each move we take is to put them down under

I wish to be equal

You wish for supremacy

We both might be colored

But it's not the same side you see

Just because the colors switch

Doesn't mean it's not repeating history