Have you ever had those people that just flaunt their accomplishments right in front of you? You may know it as "humble brag." I know all of us are guilty of it a bit but there are people who do it all the time!

I grew up in a decent size town in central/southern Illinois (so I was still surrounded by cornfields). I came from a middle-class family where life was really great. When I got to college, I was ready to make an identity for myself. I knew what I wanted to go into, I had a pretty good head on my shoulders and I was ready for a fresh start in a new city!

As I got to know more people, I realized that some people have a lot stronger opinions than me when it comes to certain topics. So much so that they would say or do anything to show that their opinion was the right one. Even when there were facts and research to back it up. I knew that college broadened your horizons and gave you a different perspective on life, but I did not realize it would fight you until you were faced with silence.

Over time, I became used to people disagreeing with me and I would often give in because they felt they were better than me.

I never really knew why people treated me differently or fought me on certain things. I talked about this with others who experienced the same thing and gave me one word for it: Entitlement. It's the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. They feel that just because they have dealt with an experience or aren't from the same area, it makes them an expert.

As I start to get into my major, it is required that you get at least one internship in order to get real-world experience. Living in a city that has many college students fighting for internships, it is really competitive. You would even say it's a "dog eat dog world." As I talked about it with my classmates, many people would brag about all of the connections they have in their field and have to turn down other internships because they already got their dream internship.

Maybe it's just me feeling sorry for myself because although I try my hardest and took every opportunity to get an internship, I failed to get the magic email that said: "you got it!" But it sucks to know that people have it so easy and that they deserve all these different opportunities because they have the special privilege to do so.

I know people who have to deal with people having some sort of entitlement all the time. You see it when working with customers and just dealing with people every day. There will always be somebody that thinks they are everything and the world revolves around them. News flash!! You do not get the chance to reserve some special right because you are you (unless your Beyonce). You are just like the rest of us trying to live life.

So play nice and consider other people before taking rubbing it in other people's faces.