Poetry On Odyssey: Entering Your Walls

Last December:

I entered your walls

Accompanied by someone new

He amused himself on my flesh

As it was rotting from the inside out

A sophisticated scent of wood

would linger in my nose

as he tasted my drying lips

in your stairwell

Last March:

I watched from a distance

Fences surrounding an edifice

Unrefurbished with dust and cranes

Embracing your stone, changing your walls

I looked inside my own walls

Decay, wallpaper peeling

dust stuck in cracks

I was thinning away

This January:

I entered your walls

It is my first time here

I am the newest edition of me

I’m a well-developed character

Paint fumes that filter through my nose

Feel like a warm embrace

I’m where I need to be

I’m alive

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