You Are Enough, Find Your Peace

You Are Enough, Find Your Peace

Acknowledging the beauty within yourself.

You are enough. With every curve and every crevice of your skin. You are enough, with every lash out and moment of despair. You are enough, with every ounce of love, hurt, anger and confusion that remains well within you. You are enough.

You are enough, with every hair on your body and every freckle that you carry. You are enough, with every moment of laughter you share alone and with others. You are enough, just as you are. You are the sun that rises in the east and sets in the west, eager to begin again anew. You are the gold she exhibits through her rays of empathy, bringing about peace, love, warmth and ease. What you see in her, in the rays of her goldenness is what you may also see within yourself; for what is outside of us is also well within.

“How may I come to believe this?” You might ask. "How may I step into this new perception of myself?"

If you wish to begin anew, know that you may soothe your sorrows. If you wish to begin anew and heal feelings of unworthiness, you may do so! The moment to begin is now my dear love. You don't have to wait until tomorrow or the next day or the day after that or the year after that. You don't have to move to a brand new city to feel better or to start living your dreams. You can begin right here, right now. And it starts with acknowledging the beauty in which you are, the love in which you are. Knowing and believing that she’s there, that she exists.

It begins by aligning with who you know yourself to truly be.

And if you’re unaware of who she might be, it begins with exploration. Probe the depths of who you are by exploring what suits you or what brings you at ease. Perhaps you enjoy painting or drawing. Perhaps you love to sing, dance, or write. Perhaps you enjoy telling the stories of others through video or audio recordings. Perhaps you love to read and enlighten yourself with the tales of others. Perhaps you enjoy walks in nature or moments with the sun. Perhaps you enjoy exercise or movement. Engage in what it is that makes you smile. Engage in those things that allow the feelings of glee, bliss, and joy to work through you. And then and only then will you come into the energy that founds self-worth.

To feel worthy, to step into that place of enough-ness may take some time. It is a journey that I am currently on myself. It is a moment-by-moment, second by second process to remind myself constantly that I am worthy of feeling good. It begins with a concept that I learned from the beautiful Abraham Hicks: “You’ve got to care about how you feel.” Because you see, once you do, the road to success becomes much clearer.

When you care about how you feel, so much so, that you allow yourself to indulge in only the things and thoughts that make you feel good, everything else that is in opposition of that begins to melt away. It is a process that initially takes some effort, in that you must be very mindful of your thinking. But over time, it becomes easier. The process of feeling better, of feeling worthy, becomes a lot more natural and takes less doing. Over time, it becomes less of a process and instead a state of being.

When a thought comes up that says: “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not enough” or “I can’t do that.” I simply take in a deep breath and allow myself to concentrate on a thought or on a feeling that feels a bit better. I shift my attention to things that make me smile, like a video of a puppy, or the sweet text I received from my friend a few days ago, or the way that I was really interested in today’s class lecture.

Shifting focus is a vital and important step in moving from an unloving space, a difficult space, into a place of bliss and peace.

When you care about how you feel, so much so, that you are willing to be your own cheerleader of sorts, your own encourager, life becomes simpler. It becomes less about doing. Doing to fill a void, to gain approval or validation. It becomes more about being enough, just as you are and bringing that energy with you in every task that you complete, with every person that you meet and with every circumstance that you engage in.

So to those that are struggling to see their own light, if there is anything that I would recommend for you at all, it would be to allow yourself the sweet and simple pleasure of moving towards what feels good to you. Take a few moments to reflect on the wonderful things going on in your life. To reflect on the things that make you smile, genuinely smile. It could be the cute girl that sits behind you in math. The way your professor is so passionate and truly wants to watch you succeed. The way your family periodically checks on you. The way your morning oatmeal was sweetened just enough. The way the stars twinkled and danced in yesterday’s moonlight or the way that the wind ruffled through your hair this morning.

Focus on these beautiful things, the things that bring about awe, inspiration, and happiness. It is in focusing on these things, these things that make us smile, that we may remember and come into the energy of knowing we are enough. Because we are enough, in this moment and every moment hereafter.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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13 Ways To Make Aunt Flow's Monthly Visit A Little More Manageable And A Little Less Like An Episode From 'Shark Week'

Cramps are the devil but these remedies are your saving grace.

Shark week. That scene from "The Shining." Aunt Flow. A period.

Whatever you call it, it sucks. Regardless if you've been dealing with it for a few months or a few decades, they're not that great to look forward to. So let's celebrate the fact that you're not pregnant by indulging in a few remedies to lessen those annoying symptoms.

1. Heating pads

I know it's stereotypical, but there's a reason why so many people swear by it. The heat just melts away cramps and the tightness in your muscles. I shouldn't do this because it's a fire hazard, but I sleep with mine on. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

2. Microwave booties

My feet tend to get colder around my period due to reduced blood flow, so I pop these super-soft booties in the microwave, and voila, I'm all warm and cozy! If you want a microwavable version of a heating pad, they sell that as well.

3. Yoga

Most health professionals recommend exercise to cope with cramps, but I find that I don't have the energy for a typical workout. Yoga still lets me be active without putting excess strain on my joints. It's always nice to give my muscles a good stretch during that time of the month, too!

4. Tea

I'm not much of a coffee person, as it makes me jittery and dehydrated. Drinking tea soothes my muscles while upping my fluid intake, which can do a body nothing but good.

5. Heat wraps

If you want a portable version of a heating pad, the drugstore sells sticky heating pads that last up to eight hours! They're undetectable under clothing and they make the day not as rough to get through.

6. Hot baths

Baths are my go-to choice for helping period pain. If you don't have a tub, a shower works just as well. The steam calms me and the hot water relaxes my muscles on impact.

7. Iron

We tend to lose a bit more iron during our period than during any other time of our cycle, so it's important to replenish the nutrients we lose. Foods like meat, beans, legumes, and tofu are great sources of iron. Chipotle run, anyone?

8. Natural products

Nothing's better than peace of mind, right? What if I told you that big-brand feminine products on the shelves are filled with harmful dyes and chemicals that are absorbed into your body every time you use them?

I recently ordered products from Sustain and they are so incredible— their tampons, pads and liners are all made of 100% organic cotton and they are free of chemicals, dyes, perfumes and animal by-products. They're VEGAN, too! I honestly notice a difference in the way my body feels when I'm not subjecting it to unnecessary toxins. I don't feel as sluggish and I don't feel guilty about the products I'm using. Seriously, go check them out.

9. Cannabis

If you live in a legalized state, products with THC and CBD have been shown to effectively reduce period pain. Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth's company Whoopi & Maya creates products infused with cannabis to help relax the nerves and the muscles that are causing the cramps. They carry tinctures, bath soaks, rubs, and more.

10. Switch off the pain

Livia is a T.E.N.S (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) product for your ovaries. It blocks your pain receptors in your nerves so you can say goodbye to cramps. While the bundle is on sale for a steep $152, it may be worth it if you deal with severe cramping and pain.

11. Eat healthily

As much as we want to eat fried chicken, Oreos, milkshakes, and burgers 24/7, our body would love to get some vitamins and minerals so it can work more efficiently. The best things we can consume during our moon cycle are calcium, antioxidants, healthy fats/oils, and protein. Your body will thank you and your mood will improve as well.

12. Hydrate

When everything is hydrated, the body just works better. An example of how to calculate how much water you should drink daily, take your body weight an multiply it by 2/3. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, take 150 * 2/3 = 100. Therefore, you should be drinking 100 ounces of water a day.

Constantly peeing in the beginning is annoying but trust me, it is SO worth it. Not only do I feel better altogether, but my skin has cleared up immensely since I upped my water intake.

13. Breathe

Break down if you need to. Journal your heart out. Bawl uncontrollably at that movies. Whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better, it's valid and perfectly normal. We're human, life happens. Just take life one day at a time and you'll survive anything, even mother nature.

No matter how much it sucks, we can get through it together. Only 30 more years of this... right?

Cover Image Credit: @goauntflow

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From The Mind Of An Insomniac

It can get a little scattered in there.

Have you ever had trouble getting to sleep? Or even had trouble just staying to sleep once you finally get there? It sucks, right?

Now, imagine that happening every night and you have a small understanding of what it's like to be an insomniac.

Oh, I know, I know, there's sleeping pills and I could see a doctor and blah, blah, blah. I know, thanks. But there's another problem with that.

I don't have time for sleeping pills.

If you take a sleeping pills, they are guaranteed to stay in your system for eight hours because that's the ideal amount of sleep your body needs, but quite often you feel drowsy for a bit after waking up and, if they don't get the dosage right, it could last longer.

Not to mention my strange, unending fear of sleep paralysis. I know sleep paralysis happens every night but I fear the day my mind wakes up before my body and I open my eyes and see the messed up shit that's in my dreams in front of me or standing in my doorway. That is my worst nightmare, honestly.

But insomnia is a great time for all those thoughts to fester. Those are actually the thoughts I have when I know I'm awake before I should be and before I open my eyes. Not only is the insomnia not good for me physically, it's also making me living alone worse, I think.

On the other hand, this is also the first time in my years of having insomnia that I have tried to solve it. Not with pills, obviously you know my thoughts on that, but other ways. ASMR videos have been really helpful, I think, because I've found I don't have much trouble sleeping when someone I love is sleeping next to me, whether we're cuddled up or not even touching. Just the sound of someone's voice close by soothes my mind into thinking that I'm not alone and someone else is here to watch over me.

This is just how I take care of it. I'm no doctor, but if you struggle with mild insomnia as well and your mind just won't shut up when you're in bed alone, it doesn't hurt to give it a try, right?

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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