First of all, the worst part of Valentine's Day is not the love in the air. It isn't all the couples reminding me that I'm single af and will probably still be that way next February. No, the worst part of Valentine's Day is all of the people who feel like they have to denounce the entire concept of love and romantic relationships in order to survive the day.

If you're single, you aren't the only one. There isn't some cosmic conspiracy against you. You're not single because it is your destiny to be so.

If you want to be single, cool. If you don't want to be single, still cool. But get it through your head that Valentine's Day is not about you. It isn't a day couples use to hold their love over your head. It is not National Taunt Singles Day.

I think it's reasonable that a lot of single people feel down on Valentine's Day. I'm not at all discrediting the validity of the sadness that a lot of people feel when they see all the romantic gestures going on around them and find that they can't relate. It's okay and normal to be sad if you want a boyfriend/girlfriend, and instead, you're alone on Valentine's.

What's not normal or okay is bashing couples and acting like this entire holiday was founded to attack you. Let other people be happy. Let's leave the bitter "Valentine's Day is so stupid and it just makes lonely people lonelier" rhetoric in middle school.

Anyway, Valentine's Day doesn't just make singles feel lonely. For some of us, it's a freeing occasion. You can A) save money by not having to buy a significant other expensive gifts, and B) take advantage of post-Valentine's sales.

Those are seriously underrated.

Why hate on Valentine's Day when you could just suck it up and wait until the day after? You know, when stores are desperately trying to clear their shelves of Valentines-themed merchandise.

What could be better than buying huge, fluffy teddy bears for half their original price? Is there any better time to buy chocolate than right after Valentine's, when there are a billion chocolate hearts to go around? If Valentine's Day makes you feel lonely, just buy a huge teddy bear and some chocolates and spend February 15 watching Netflix in your pajamas, working your way through the 17 boxes of chocolate that only cost you like $5.

Honestly, this is just a PSA for all the people who feel like they need to take to Twitter and Facebook to lament their single statuses. We get it. We really do. A lot of us are single, too.

This year, let's grow up and let other people enjoy the day. You only need you to be happy — let couples have their one day to really celebrate their love with all other couples around the world. If celebrating love gets to you that much, it might be time for some careful introspection.

On that note, I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day!