You're stuck in a rut. You perform monotonous tasks that you're so used to doing, but lately you've forgotten why you even do them. You're missing something… and that something is you.

I can't tell you exactly what came over me this summer, but my life changed when I disposed of everything in me that wasn't authentic and positive. I began to engage in honest self-reflections on a daily basis, and eventually I was letting my passions lead the way…whichever way that was. I arrived at this clear space within myself when I realized that I had done a poor job of filtering out the loud noise around me that had come in the form of people and things. I needed silence, solitude, and some soul searching to understand that I had been in a mentally comatose state stagnant in my life.

Before the summer ends, get out of your rut. The meaningless things and/or people you interact with that bring no value to your life…yeah, they gotta go, but more importantly, you have to go. You are running late for a very important meeting with yourself, and you will not grow as a person, find your purpose, or become legendary if you stay still. You will truly begin to have some extraordinary experiences the minute you decide to take a leap of faith and advance on your journey, even if you don't have a map or compass. Also, do not forget to really savor this time in your life because your experiences will make for the best stories when you actually get where you're going. Who wants to walk in a straight line directly to their destination anyway? Enjoy the pitstops and rerouting because nothing is set in stone right now.

With all this being said, while you're on the road to becoming legendary, make sure you breathe. Understand that you don't have to have it all figured out; I promise you the people that look like they do are sometimes even more lost than you. Seek the things that make your heart happy because that's what will keep you intact as a person. Once you do this, I guarantee you that the revamped, rejuvenated, and better version of you will begin to blossom because your mind, heart, and soul are functioning in perfect harmony.

Letting your passions lead the way is a trend, a life style, and in my eyes-- it's definitely one for the books. As we approach the conclusion of the summer, train your mind to become oblivious to what the people around you are doing. Focus on running your own race, and don't tuck the desires of your soul away on a high shelf; strive to live a bold life while you still feel this free.

Okay, but what if you're not sure what your passion is? I'm delighted you asked.

If you're not sure what your passion is, then this post is also for you; I did not forget about you. To find your passion, you have to seek the unknown. Try what is uncomfortable, feel what is foreign, discover distant ideas; it doesn't matter how many times you change directions, what matters is that you're headed in one.

Whether you have clearly identified your niche or not, we all struggle with uncertainty, but what's certain is that YOU GOTTA MOVEE!

You don't have to know where you're going ….just go.

You feel me?