I know English majors talk a big talk about reading all these classic novels and writing all these profound analytical papers, but let us step back for a second and remember that we, too, are procrastinating college students.

When it comes down to it, major aside, we’re not all that different. Here’s what it’s really like being an English major, as told by Vine.

1. When you’re assigned a 900-page book written in Old English

2. When a creepy dude tries to hit on you at a party

3. When someone asks me to do a math problem

4. When your professor asks you to further analyze the passage, but you miss the meaning completely

5. When your favorite character in the assigned book for class dies

6. When someone in your class looked at the Sparknote analysis before class to sound smart when they participate

7. When you stumble across a word you’ve never seen before and you try and figure it out on your own

8. When you get an A on an essay for a book you didn’t read

9. When you try and start an essay, but you end up doing everything else instead

10. When you finish an essay

11. When you fluff your paper up with some saucy metaphors

12. When someone tries to tell me they have a better major than English