I confess that I am forever a dog lover, and nothing will ever change my mind about that! We have always had black labs because we live on a farm and they make great farm dogs. We had never had an inside dog ever before because I was a severe asthmatic as a child. However, my mom always wanted one specific kind of dog and I was quite surprised when she said that she started looking for one.

That dog is an english bulldog. Now, my dad was not too sold on the idea of having an inside dog, but he was open to looking for one. We turned our attention to western Nebraska where we found our own little english bulldog that we still have to this day, and his name is Diesel. Throughout the six years that we have Diesel, I have come to understand why so many people have these particular breed of dog. It is something that once you've owned one or know of one that you understand this as well.

1. Wrinkles

Who doesn't love a dog full of adorable wrinkles! They just make you smile every time you see them! So they have got the looks part down!

2. Snoring

This may be an annoying characteristic of the English bulldog, however, it can be the case for some great laughs!

3. How They Sleep

One of our bulldog's favorite sleeping position is just like this one! He loves to sleep with his legs straight up! However, this is definitely not good for them so we just roll him back over!

4. Their Ears

I absolutely love their ears! They are glued back when they are puppies so that their ears will naturally sit in that folded back position. This is done to help prevent ear infections! Just another reason why they are just adorable and to make you smile!

5. When They Try To Act Tough

How is this adorable face scary! They may not particularly scare a burglar that sees them, however, their bark and growls will sure startle the intruder! They are just trying to protect their family!

6. Their Attempt At Running To Play Or Keep Up With You

OK! Bulldogs are not meant to be marathon runners! There is only so much their little legs can take, but it is great to watch them try! They so badly want to just play with you, because you are their best pal!

7. How They Act Around Little Kids

I think it is amazing with most animals how they act around little kids because it as if they know they are just children! Bulldogs are no different!

8. They Sleep Most Of The Day

Bulldogs sleep for most of the day, and this is a quality that many people might really like who work around the home because they really are like a person who is there right beside you.

9. The Perfect Cuddle Buddy

When it's your turn to take a nap, don't worry! Your pal will cozy up right next to you!

10. Knowing That They Have Become A Member Of Your Family

They really do become members of the family! You spend a lot of time with them, and you are their whole lives! This is one of the greatest reasons why bulldogs make the best pals because they want to love you unconditionally and be there for you all the time!