11 Endangered Animal Species That Deserve Our Help

11 Endangered Animal Species That Deserve Our Help

Endangered species day might of been May 17th, but action still needs to be taken to protect these animals.


As the years go by, more and more animals are added to the list of endangered species. Animals we all know and find adorable, as well as animals we've never heard of are finding themselves dwindling in numbers. This rapid decrease has impacted ecosystems worldwide.

1. Rhinos

Black Rhinos are currently deemed critically endangered and there are said to be, "less than 2,500" left in the wild.

2. Turtles

The Hawksbill Turtle species in particular lives in the Coral Reefs which have been endangered for an extended amount of time now. They are said to be critically endangered due to poaching and climate change.

3. Elephants

These beautiful creatures continue to be poached for their ivory in Central and East Africa due to human greed.

4. Giraffes

These tall but gentle giants deserve to continue to inhibit the African continent without being whipped out by humans.

5. Whales

The oceans are suffering due to pollution and it is heavily affecting the whale population as numbers of whale and dolphin species alike see a decrease.

6. Leopard

The Amur Leopard species is critically endangered and, "teetering on the brink of extinction" due to hunters wanting to collect their skin.

7. Sea Lions

Sea Lions face many threats to their populations such as fast-spreading diseases, hunters, and climate change which impacts the number of fish they can catch.

8. Giant Panda

The Giant Panda is facing a, "high risk of extinction in the wild" with less than 1,864 in the wild.

9. Gorillas

It is said that 2 out of 5 gorilla subspecies are now considered critically endangered since 1966.

10. Tiger

The tiger has been hunted throughout the years due to its, "distinctive" patterned fur. Currently 3 tiger subspecies are sadly extinct from the earth.

11. Orangutan

80% of the Orangutan population has died in the last 75 years with deforestation to blame. The current population still suffers and continues to decrease due to this.

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