We All Have End-Of-Semester Senioritis

We All Have End-Of-Semester Senioritis

Big time.


Now that Thanksgiving break is a thing of the past, and winter break is relatively right around the corner, most, if not all, of usare experiencing what I like to call "End-Of-Semester Senioritis".

Actually, most of us were experiencing this even before Thanksgiving break.

And it's dangerous. Really dangerous. All GPAs please find shelter. Take cover. Senioritis is striking.

With the semester winding down, it is easy to adopt the mindset that you no longer have any academic responsibilities, and this is definitely, definitely as far away from the truth as we could possibly get.

Here at Fordham, finals kick off on December 13th with foreign language exams, and its allllllll downhill from there. Until break, that is.

The point is, we definitely still have academic responsibilities, and important ones, at that. But senioritis sure does make it difficult to keep them in check.

Leading up to Thanksgiving break, it's always easy to get into the mentality that you've been working ~really~ hard and you ~really~ deserve a break. And honestly? We all do work really hard, and we do deserve to cut ourselves a break...... but it's a little bit impossible to do that during finals season. Raise your hand if you brought home your laptop, notebooks, etc. with good intentions, and then ended up doing little to none of your work over break, then found yourself in fight or flight mode Sunday night.

Me too.

Personally, I went home for Thanksgiving break with this mentality that I could afford to take those few days to myself and not worry about anything academics-related, because it was in the back of my mind that we'd be going home for the end of the semester soon. I was very much mistaken.

As college students, we have constant responsibilities, whether they be academic, social, personal, familial... the list goes on. The point is, we have a lot of responsibilities, and it can get difficult to keep priorities straight. We are constantly working, and even when we finish work, there is always more work to be done. It can definitely start to feel like a never-ending cycle of stress, and the worst part is that even when we really, REALLY deserve and need a break, we sometimes truly cannot reward ourselves with one.

Right now, I know I am not only speaking for myself when I say we have been working so incredibly hard for the past few weeks, and it has been absolutely exhausting. There have been days so jam-packed with work that it feels like there isn't even enough time to get an actual night of sleep. AND THERE LITERALLY ISN'T ENOUGH TIME TO GET AN ACTUAL NIGHT OF SLEEP! That being said, YEAH, we deserve a break. But can we have one? No, because guess what! Finals are right around the corner.

For me, the only break I can really have truly can't extend more than an hour or so.There is so much to be done at all times that wasting any more time than that is actually detrimental.

The thing is, though, how do professors and universities not realize the incredible amount of stress and pressure they are placing on their students? There are people in my life who find themselves skipping meals and not sleeping because they do not have time to do so. Is that really how universities believe they are going to lead their students to thrive? By allowing them to be starving and sleep deprived due to the ridiculous amount of work?

If you ask me, I think not.

But for now, all we can is look forward to winter break and keep telling ourselves we only have a few more weeks to go.

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13 Memes That Everyone With Senioritis Will Relate To

When senioritis hits there is nothing you can do to stop it

There is an illness that creeps its way into every senior as their time in college (or high school) comes closer to the end. This illness is senioritis. It can be very dangerous for students grades and is very contagious. Below is a list of memes that everyone with senioritis can relate to.

1. When seniors are getting close to the end of the semester.

2. At the beginning of the semester you're the guy who does most of the work and by the end you have no idea what is going on.

3. And procrastination becomes a REAL problem for you

4. This is you during every class

5. This becomes your new montra

6. So does this

7. When your motivation to do school work just wildly decreases

8. But at the same time you know you can't fail anything so you can graduate on time

9. When you only have one more absence that you can have before you automatically fail the class

10. But at the same time you are just ready to graduate

11. This is a regular occurrence for you

12. But when you when you actually finish an assignment earlier you deserve a round of applause, or a pat on the back.

13. Finally, once you have graduated you feel like you can do anything!

Cover Image Credit: Indiana Edu

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5 Ways To Tackle Credit Overload In College As A Sleep-Deprived Senior

So you think you can take 19 credits. Well, you can!


So you were ambitious and went into credit overload this semester. Cheers to you! You're hopefully right on track to graduate, if not ahead. Regardless of the reason you chose to bog yourself down with more work than others, here are some tips I've come up with along the way for a successful semester.

1. Make a daily to-do list for each class.

Every day I make a list of all of my classes and what is upcoming for each class. That includes assigned reading, homework and upcoming quizzes and tests. This allows me to visually plan what is on my plate for each day. I am also far less likely to forget an assignment if I continuously write it down until I complete it.

2. Prioritize these items!

Rank the items you just listed to your highest priority (due today or tomorrow) to least priority (due a few weeks from now). This allows you to manage your time and get what you need to get done on time.

3. Try to do your homework on the day it is assigned.

I understand that this is obviously easier said than done. But, one of my professors gave my class this advice in my very first semester of college, and I have remembered it and cherished that advice ever since.

If you are assigned homework on Monday in a class that meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it is much better to get it out of the way on Monday afternoon rather than wait until Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning, if you're good at procrastinating). This also lessens your workload on weekends.

4. Etch out time every day to spend in the library.

I never used to believe it when people said you do better work in the library because at home you have more freedom and are distracted. Now that I am in my senior year of college, I have finally found that to be true. I wish I realized that sooner. Now I spend at least three hours a day in the campus library three days a week. If you want to spread it out to one hour a day, that's fine, too. Find a schedule that works for you.

5. Keep your eye on the prize.

My university has a web page with a countdown to graduation. I keep it bookmarked on my laptop. When I am feeling unmotivated, I click the link and remind myself of how many days there are until graduation. If your university doesn't have this feature, you can make your own graduation countdown on a variety of countdown websites. Find something tangible to focus on achieving. You can do this!

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