A Pep Talk To Myself To Finish The Semester

I like to consider myself a good student, and in fact, I really enjoy school. College is such an interesting experience, and I'm so blessed to be able to go to college. This semester I'm even taking 100% classes I wanted to take, not just gen ed's my advisor told me I needed to take.

So how come I feel absolutely zero motivation at this point in the semester? Every year around this time, I feel overwhelmed, stressed, and just flat out don't feel like doing my work or the things I need to be doing.

It's probably because I realize just how quickly the end of the semester is approaching and start to panic. Even though I know I can handle it and I'm probably going to do fairly well, the fear of finals, big projects, and tying up loose ends take over me.

But, I can't let that turn me into too much of a procrastinator or a quitter. I have to keep going, keep the same work ethic, and keep my head in the game (we love a good High School Musical reference).

I'm not going to completely bomb my projects or my finals. I've been doing the work all semester, I've been studying, I'm prepared. I can't let myself trick myself into thinking all of my preparation and hard work is just going to suddenly go out of the window or something.

I need to just relax.

When I finish the semester with good grades (which doesn't have to be straight A's! As long as I do my best, that is good enough) I'm going to feel proud of myself. I'm going to feel accomplished. I'm not going to get there if I let my stress and anxiety take over, and just avoid doing what I need to do.

I just have to turn on some Taylor Swift, grab some snacks, head to the library, and crank out the work.

I also need to make sure to not skip out on classes. At the end of the semester when a lot of teachers aren't requiring attendance, it's very tempting to just not go and say “oh, I'll do it at home". Sure, I could do that, but it's not the best idea and it's also not the best habit to get into.

I am finishing the year off strong! I am going to end on a high note, and then I'm going to enjoy a fantastic, much-needed break from classes this summer.

I can do this.

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