As someone who rarely eats breakfast, to begin with, having ice coffee is better than nothing. As the semester approaches the end, nights are getting later, and the workload is getting heavier. There is very little extra time to go around, and if you work on top of school you may find yourself a little extra stressed out.

With every night becoming a little bit later, the morning only becomes more of a struggle. One alarm becomes two, then three. We are at the point that I no longer care what I look like going out in public. Mostly due to not wanting to wake up, my mornings are often crammed and rushed.

So the option is no breakfast or Iced Coffee that I can quickly grab on my way to work. A traditional breakfast would require me to go to a dining hall or quick service. Both of these are doable, but there are some downfalls.

At the dining hall or quick service, I am required to wait for my food to be made. Which is a plus and a minus. On the one hand, you know that your food is fresh and has not been sitting for an extended period of time. But you may wait up to 15 minutes to receive your food.

You are also required in some cases to play the waiting game when getting an iced coffee. Although if you plan ahead you may be able to avoid the majority of the wait. Coffee itself takes around five minutes to be made, the only thing you need to really consider is how long the line is. If the line is long, of course, it will increase your wait time.

The downfall of getting actual food is that most of the time you need time to eat it. If you are eating at a dining hall you can't take your food with you. While at a quick service or while getting iced coffee you can take your food/drink with you to your final destination.

Now you may be scratching you're head a little bit. "Why don't you get a breakfast sandwich or a donut while you get your coffee?" Excellent question. As someone who is allergic to gluten, these options are not viable. Although if there were delicious gluten-free options at my coffee shop, then I would consider it.

When you really think about it. Iced coffee and cereal are very similar. The majority of the calories you are eating with both of these meals comes from the milk (Almond milk) that you add to it. If you're eating a relatively healthy cereal. Coffee itself is very minimal calories until you add milk and sweetener to it. The same way it is with cereal.

Now I'm not suggesting you skip meals with coffee all the time. I'm justifying it for those of us that already do. Make sure to eat well the rest of the day and take care of your body.