Here's To The End Of Another Semester

Here's To The End Of Another Semester

Goodbye semester, hello vacation.


So, it's been an interesting 8 weeks. I studied "Succeeding In College" and "Interpersonal Communication" for the second half of this semester in college.

It has been two sets of 8 weeks full of lessons, reading materials, syllabi, self-checks, quizzes, discussions, open-ended essay projects, and music to provide a soundtrack to keep me sane within the midst of all of this.

It's certainly been a lot of work, but it's worth it to be able to bring my aspirations to life.

I'm not gonna lie, it's a lot of pressure to be in college, despite how young people are encouraged into it. I feel a lot of this pressure within these 8 weeks, and I'll be honest, it gets to me. I know a lot of people who have been in college and this pressure can affect them to the point of actually dropping out. Whenever I feel this pressure, I remember how far I've come, and I know that I've come much too far to just stop now. With that, I'm motivated to keep going.

I have studied a number of topics in college so far, and I have quite a few more to learn. There is something about these 8 week semesters that are rather notable. It's interesting because I get to learn in phases, and it's all done at my own pace. Even though it's only two classes at a time, it's a lot to manage because every aspect is in my hands. Luckily, during my semesters I always have an amazing soundtrack to keep me motivated as I'm working.

As of yesterday, I'm proud to say that I got A's in both of my classes, and I'm about to embark on a much-deserved winter break. So, here's to the end of another semester, and to the start of another for next year.

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To The Nursing Major During The Hardest Week Of The Year

I know that no grade can possibly prove what kind of nurse you will be. I know that no assignment will showcase your compassion. I know that no amount of bad days will ever take away the empathy inside of you that makes you an exceptional nurse.


To the Nursing Major During Finals Week,

I know you're tired, I know you're stressed, and I know you feel like you can't go on. I know that no part of this seems fair, and I know you are by far the biggest critic of yourself. I know that you've thought about giving up. I know that you feel alone. I know that you wonder why in the world you chose one of the hardest college majors, especially on the days it leaves you feeling empty and broken.

But, I also know that you love nursing school. I know your eyes light up when you're with patients, and I know your heart races when you think of graduation. I know that you love the people that you're in school with, like truly, we're-all-in-this-together, family type of love. I know that you look at the older nurses with admiration, just hoping and praying that you will remain that calm and composed one day. I know that every time someone asks what your college major is that you beam with pride as you tell them it's nursing, and I know that your heart skips a beat knowing that you are making a difference.

I know that no grade can possibly prove what kind of nurse you will be. I know that no assignment will showcase your compassion. I know that a failed class doesn't mean you aren't meant to do this. I know that a 'C' on a test that you studied so. dang. hard. for does not mean that you are not intelligent. I know that no amount of bad days will ever take away the empathy inside of you that makes you an exceptional nurse.

I know that nursing school isn't fair. I know you wish it was easier. I know that some days you can't remember why it's worth it. I know you want to go out and have fun. I know that staying up until 1:00 A.M. doing paperwork, only to have to be up and at clinicals before the sun rises is not fair. I know that studying this much only to be failing the class is hard. I know you wish your friends and family understood. I know that this is difficult.

Nursing school isn't glamorous, with the white lab coat and stethoscope. Nursing school is crying, randomly and a lot. Nursing school is exhaustion. Nursing school is drinking so much coffee that you lose track. Nursing school is being so stressed that you can't eat. Nursing school is four cumulative finals jam-packed into one week that is enough to make you go insane.

But, nursing school is worth it. I know that when these assignments are turned in and finals are over, that you will find the motivation to keep going. I know that one good day of making a difference in a patient's life is worth a hundred bad days of nursing school.

Keep hanging in there, nursing majors. It'll all be worth it— this I know, for sure.

So, if you have a nursing major in your life, hug them and tell them that you're proud of them. Nursing school is tough, nursing school is scary, and nursing school is overwhelming; but a simple 'thank-you' from someone we love is all we need to keep going.


A third-year nursing student who knows

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Joining A Campus Ministry Is The Best Decision I Have Made In College

How joining a campus ministry has changed my life for the better.


Going into my second semester of college, I like many of us, was already dreading the huge amount of stress and anxiety I was about to experience for the next four months. I hadn't been very involved on campus the semester before, because of how busy I was with a part-time job and having to commute.

Thankfully, one of my friends I made in one of my classes last semester, introduced to me The Vine, a campus ministry that meets on Wednesday nights here at Missouri State. Over Christmas break, I went through a really tough time struggling with a little depression, but I was growing in my faith tremendously.

Desperate for a change, I finally made an effort to attend. As I walked into the room, I could already feel the presence of God, and I knew this was where I needed to be. The greatest feeling was being greeted by my friends who were so excited to see me.

They ran to me (like in the movies) for a hug. Rushed with pure joy, I also began to meet so many other wonderful people, and they were all funny. I laughed way too much that night, but that's how I knew these were the people I wanted to be around.

The meeting started with amazing worship led by students from campus, then we prayed and listened to the sermon, in which coincidentally was about overcoming fear. Right then, I knew God was trying to speak to me.

When the meeting was over, I felt rejuvenated. I was the most excited for the upcoming semester I had ever been. I told myself I wasn't going to let the fear of stress take me down any longer, and so far with only one month left, it hasn't.

I have learned that if you just give it all to God, He will be your strength and guidance. He has continued to bless me in every aspect of my life and I have never felt so much joy. I am so thankful for the wisdom The Vine has continued to provide me with, and for the friends who led me here. To this day, I consider these friends some of the greatest I have on campus. I hope that if you are ever struggling with something, that you find God and give it all to Him. He is truly the greatest medicine. Maybe attending a campus ministry or getting involved in a church, is just what you need.

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