The young girl with freckles laced around her face and diamonds in her eyes stands in front of the mirror. She notices that her nose is slightly crooked and her smile doesn't shape itself the way she would like it to. As she spends another five minutes in front of the mirror, she nitpicks on every piece of herself that makes her whole.

Unfortunately, many people know this feeling all too well. So many of us spend time bringing ourselves down because of the minor flaws we have. Instead of picking on our flaws it's time we start embracing them.

The reality is that no one is perfect — not even those Instagram models you see all over your feed.

Do not hold yourself to a high standard and pressure yourself into something you're not. Yes, it may be great to have a toned body, the whitest teeth and the clearest face, but it's also great to not have all of those qualities. If we were all perfect, what fun would that be? We'd all be walking around like robots.

No two people are exactly the same and that is what makes us so unique. Some of us will have more flaws than others and that is okay. In the long run, our flaws make us stronger. Your flaws will help you learn more about yourself.

You can tell yourself "OK, so I am someone who cries more than the average person," and it will show you that you are someone with a softer heart. You can even tell yourself "OK, I am someone who has more pimples than the average person," and make a fashion statement out of it.

Think of your acne as constellations on your face, mapping out what an incredible person you are.

We are so quick to frown upon the things that make us different when we should be embracing them. It is time that your stretch marks become tiger stripes and time for you start showing yourself some love!