Every once in a while, I like to go back through my Facebook timeline and check out all of the old pictures and statuses that I posted once upon a time. I can honestly say that since coming to college, almost everything has been pretty good. Generally safe statuses, reflective of all the fun times I've had or bringing up issues that I believed were worth mentioning. The pictures are relatively un-embarrassing, detailing the events, hangouts, and parties I've spent time at the past couple of years. But then....there are the high school years. Ugh.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I was never cool in high school, nor am I now. I tend to do my own thing and you'd be more likely to catch me with a book in my hand than anything else. But the things I put on Facebook from around 2009-2012? Pretty much downright embarrassing. Nothing terrible, either, just so so awkward. The funny thing is, though, I'm not alone in this. Just look at all of your old profile pictures and tell me you don't shudder at the duckface you thought was cool during sophomore year. And what exactly are you wearing while you flash a peace sign at the camera with your old best friend you haven't spoken to in three years? Don't remember? That's what I thought. At least I didn't get Facebook until my freshman year of high school. Now, kids are getting Facebook in middle school, even elementary school. I can't wait to read those Timehops.

Here are the eight stages that everyone feels when looking back at old Facebook updates.

1. I posted that?

You vaguely remember thinking you looked good in the now very embarrassing picture.

2. What was this even about?

You can't figure out strangely cryptic status update. You also can't remember why you did it or who it was targeted at.

3. Embarrassment

Looking at what you posted in 2010. Then just shut your eyes and move on with your life.

4. Pretending it never happened

What picture? There's no picture.

5. Tagging all of your old friends

Oh, you thought I meant tagging them on all those embarrassing old pictures? I do. But I also wanted to remind you that there was a time when everyone was stressing over where they were tagged on these types of pictures, too. Seriously, why were we even allowed on social media?

6. Deleting all unflattering updates.

Goodbye forever!

7. Grim acceptance

Just like the moment Bella finally accepted Edward for the sparkly vampire that he was, we all accept who we were as awkward, braces-clad pre-teens. And yes, this is also a reminder that you loved this movie not so long ago.

8. Actual acceptance

Because who cares, it happened and you learned from it.