Yes, you read it right, I eloped! *Gasp* No, I was not pregnant nor did our families hate each other. This isn’t a Romeo and Juliet story. It is just an experience me and my husband went through. We had a wedding date set but it wasn’t soon enough for us.

We met at a College Republicans meeting during the fall of 2013 back at our junior college. We didn’t speak even a single word to each other, but we had our eyes set on one another. We finally started talking during that Thanksgiving break and it grew into more than just a friendship. After a fun and adventurous Christmas break, we started dating right before college started for the spring semester of 2014. Different events happened in our lives the good and bad but we stuck by each other to support one another.

Graduation came around my husband was trading in his maroon and gold for maroon and white. He would be on the track of starting his Electrical Engineering career. I was still back at our junior college trying to finish up my Journalism degree. We took some summer classes together before he left for Mississippi State University. I knew I was going to miss him so much!

July 2, 2014, my husband planned a fun trip to the coast. We had a nice lunch at Snapper's. A romantic walk on the beach. And the moment came my best friend had asked me to be his wife. He had me facing the Gulf while he had "Will You?" in the sand and was down on one knee while holding my great-grandmother ring. I was speechless and finally said "Yes!"

It was finally here after an event filled summer my husband was having to move off to Starkville to start school. We just started planning for our wedding it was going to be December 13, 2014 (12.13.14) We thought it was clever date and a beautiful one. I picked out the colors, the décor and I said yes to my dress! But, I cried for many days of going to visit and him coming home to visit. I finally realized I couldn’t handle being apart from him anymore.

September 22, 2014, was a thrilling wonderful day. We both skipped classes to go get married. We traveled across state lines to Alabama. I was 21 and he was two days away from being 20. After spending most of the morning traveling we stopped in a town named Vernon and got married at the courthouse and traveled back to Starkville the next day.

Eloping isn’t for everyone. But we did it and that’s okay. We learned who were our friends and family. We had a ceremony on the date that we set. It was small compared to what we had planned. I still wore my dress. He wore his tux. It was a beautiful day still. We had our best friends and family around us. We even had fun on our honeymoon to Natchez and would not have changed a thing.

All that matters is that I married my best friend and we have gone on countless of adventures. I glad I’m going through life with him. The good Lord has blessed me with a good man that He planned for me. May God bless our marriage together.