It's no surprise that our pollution has increased tremendously and that we are leaving an increasingly larger paper/plastic footprint. I admit that I never use to worry or be concerned with recycling or being eco-friendly because I did not see how it would benefit me immediately. I also figured that enough people were recycling, so I would be fine. I realize now how lazy and selfish that sounds now though.

As long as I'm living, I have an impact on the Earth's pollution and can make a difference even if it seems small.

Several huge companies and even cities have taken the initiative to eliminate plastic straws in order to reduce plastic pollution. If you think about it, there are millions of straws that get thrown out each day. That's a lot of years of plastic straws staying in our environment.

Recently in the news, Starbucks has proposed to eliminate plastic straws entirely by introducing straw-less lids and if necessary, use eco-friendly straws. They realize that the plastic waste goes to the oceans and sits there for hundreds of years before decomposing which disrupts the marine life and vegetation.

It's good to see such a huge company as Starbucks taking this initiative. They are setting an example for other companies to pay more attention to the environment. It is also good to bring awareness to this issue because it is something that will affect the entire population.

If you care about the environment, stop using the plastic straws because they are only hurting it. Instead, we should follow Starbucks's lead to reduce the use of plastic straws. These alternatives are safer than allowing the plastic waste to build up and kill our wildlife. Eliminating straws is just one simple task that can make a drastic impact on our environment.

After that, all plastic should be eliminated from our use because it causes more harm than anything else.