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Running, playing, doing sports, are great things to do for children to keep them active and healthy. A little fun under the sun can do them a great advantage mentally and physically. One thing to keep them protected from outdoor conditions is to keep them hydrated! We’ve got to remember that the human body is made of three-quarters water. So, dehydration is something to look out for to keep the little humans healthy.

How do we know when the child becomes dehydrated? Well, when they don’t drink enough water, they could start to feel dizzy, tired, dry mouth, dry itchy eyes, or even pass urine in small amounts. Some harsher symptoms can be muscle twitching, extreme fatigue, seizures, convulsions, unsteady heartbeat, or even fainting. It’s also important to note that dehydration can be caused by heavy sweating, vomiting, or diarrhea. When we notice these things, as parents or guardians, we should keep them in the best physical condition we can give them.

Simple water is already a great source to keep them hydrated. But once the need to recover from an illness arrives, electrolyte ice blocks is a fun and easy way for children to get their fluids up. It’s definitely a treat to make these kids enjoy their recovery process and avoid the fear of taking medicines. These ice blocks can rehydrate them 3x faster than water. Having a stock of these electrolyte-packed ice blocks can surely help in preventing or recovering from dehydration!

These flavoured ice blocks provide rapid hydration and contain essential electrolytes! But what makes this so different from simply drinking water? Well, these icy treats contain Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Citrate and Glucose. Which are all essential in giving the body a quick rehydration. These components help balance the level of electrolytes after losing them from doing tasks that make them sweat or tired. Giving your child’s body enough electrolytes will increase their immunity, improved muscle and bone strength, better digestion, and blood pressure. A creative and fun way to get these kids productive and in good shape.

Regularly balancing the level of your child’s electrolytes gives proper health for the heart, brain, muscles, bones and nerves. It’s great for circulation since the heart is directly affected by electrolyte levels. Potassium, which is contained in these ice blocks, help maintain muscle mass, control PH, and prevent metabolic acidosis. Digestion can also be enhanced all thanks to the potassium as well, which makes the intestines’ muscles operate much smoother! Overall, electrolyte iceblocks strengthen the body’s immunity by encouraging healthy apoptosis, which is the method of eliminating changing cells.

Having a variety of flavoured ice blocks in your fridge makes it all the more exciting for your children to keep themselves cooled down and energized. One box usually contains 16 ice blocks, so you can get a great bundle deal with a promo from most suppliers. Orange or Apple & Raspberry, are great flavours for your kids, who will surely just run up to you to get a taste of these goodies!

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