From their first release in 2015 where they were seen as a slightly odd device known but they they are seen all over the streets of Ireland. It is something that the government not just in Ireland but most governments across the world were not prepared for and there is still some debate on whether these should be made legal or not or should we say a special law brought in esepcially for the eletric scooters.

Either way the people have taken matters into their own hands and electric scooter sales are on the rise according to who say that they are seeing a month on month increase in sales since 2018. There are not a huge amount of electric models available as of yet that are really worth talking about with most stores selling the same 2/3 brands of electric scooter that are known to be of top quality.

For example if you go to page you will see that they only have Xiaomi M365 and Kugoo S1 electric scooters for sale so it is still early days for the electric scooter industry. Whether or not the electric scooters will be outlawed is stil up for debate and perhaps this is why companies are slow to get in on the action. Companies like Bird who offer rental electric scooters are the main corporation pushing for the legalising of electric scooters in most western cities.

Although this is still up for the debate as to whether eletric scooters are dangerous or should be on the road at all people are still going ahead and purchasing them. Simply walking down the main streets of Dublin you can see these electric scoooters whizzing in and out of streets. There are calls from the transport minister of Ireland to bring in a law specific to the electric scooters to ensure that they are policed properly. As it stands it is up to each individual Guard (police) whether or not they want to prosecture someone for using an electric scooter on the raod without any tax, license or insurance. Under standard road laws this should lead to the escooter being confiscated but at the moment that would be considered to be quite harsh and a rider would be extremely unlucky if they had their electric scooter taken for not having insurance of road tax.

For the moment it seems the police are turning a blind eye to the electric scooter question. While it may be OK to ride one as everyone else is doing it you can not really be guaranteed to not have issues and getting pulled over is always a worry. It can really come down to how the police are feeling on that day which is not really fair on electric scooter riders.