Completing and presenting a presentation on the presidential candidate's presentation is a challenge. Especially when you can't mention any of their beliefs, only how they presented them.

However, looking at only them specifically with no politics involved shows something you can't see by going by their stances alone.

Donald Trump talks "at" people, rather than to them. He uses "you" and "I" language. Many people find this attractive, as it assumes a more controlling, dominant role. He assumes the position and takes charge with his belief. Many people think this sort of rhetoric would put our country in a position of power, rather than be weak and one to beat. Americans want a presidential candidate who can stand their ground, which is why Trump is appealing.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, uses more of a "we" language. As she says the audience (Americans) can work with her to achieve the America she wants to see. This benefits her in the way people feel more included in her plan, and it's not against our will. However, many people assume this position to be weak in nature, and not as powerful as Trump. Especially in the sense it can seem forced, and not as realistic in nature.

There is another factor at work working with the candidates and against them.

Both candidates have a track record, some more than others, but the proposition is the political background of both.

There is no doubt Hillary has a stronger political background, which makes her considerably more attractive for some voters. She knows politics through and through, but it also pulls back because she has so much experience, with an extensive track record trailing her.

Trump has little-to-no experience with politics, which is why so many people are voting for him. He is a "businessman" with a different view than most, which could very well benefit our country. People find him just as trustworthy because of going in with a blind eye, and also how this could be a step in the right direction. However, people still don't think he is ready for office due to the fact of his inexperience, but it's also why people find him so appealing.

Regardless of what you believe, I invite you to rewatch the debate based on their tactics and communication alone. How they both acknowledge one another and their fellow Americans.

Overall, either main party presidential candidate has something to say, and the least we can do is give it a listen. We are the ones directly affected for the next four years, so do your part and vote!

If you are of legal age and are registered to vote, elections are November 8th!

( Don't let anyone tell you differently! ;) )