The first day of class always exhibits some level of emotions every single time. Whether you're in 6th grade or a senior in college, it never fails to make us feel a little bit like little kids again - a mixed of excited and nervous. There's a few kinds of people when it comes to the first day of class - and we all, in my opinion, experience the range of emotions these people represent.

1. The cocky one.

With every class you're in, there's always that one person who isn't nervous at all. It could be because they've mastered the subject or they know the professor. It doesn't matter why, but they're always noticed by you, your peers, and probably the professor himself/herself. Nothing on the syllabus seems to scare these people. In fact, this person probably looks it over and starts smiling and giggling at the ten page paper you have to write, while everyone else has a slight look of fear and terror in between the excitement.

2. The jokester.

There's usually that one student who likes to try to be loud and be the center of attention. A lot of things they say will either be funny or an attempt at being funny, and whether or not the class and professor find it amusing entirely depends upon the person. The jokester necessarily isn't bad, they just... they just are. It's hard to otherwise say much about this student in a college classroom, because it entirely depends upon him/her as to where this goes.

3. The smart, quiet one.

Yeah, that's right, we see you hiding in the corner behind two really tall people in front of you. We know you're there. This is another person you always notice on the first day of classes. I relate to this person - usually this is what other people pin me as. I am always the one hiding away somewhere, and then when I open my mouth and actually speak everyone is genuinely surprised because she actually knows something, she just doesn't say much (most of the time). They constantly hide away from other people.

That brings me to my next group...

4. The group of cheaters.

I can't stand this. You don't get a paragraph. They exist and that's all you need to know.

Please don't do this.

5. The one who always comes late.

Never shows up on time, and is late the first day and is super chill about it. You know this person will inevitably become the person who shows up late every time, gets the professor mad, then he/she loses track of the lecture, asks to speak to the student after class, etc etc. They're not necessarily bad so much as you kind of just want the professor to finish the lecture so everyone can go home. That's all we really want to do. We want to go home. Please.

Finish. Please. I need sleep.

6. The nasty one.

I don't know what to say. You clearly don't want to be here. Lighten up.

7. The sleeper/king of excuses.

Usually these go hand in hand. If you're chill enough to fall asleep, odds are you're pretty good at the lying thing. And you know what? That's a skill. I'm not gonna lie. That's a legitimate skill. Is it a good skill? Yes realistically, no morally. Should you use it? Probably not. Will you use it? ...probably.

8. The anxious one.

I feel so bad whenever I see an anxious first-day-of-class student. I feel you. The struggle is real. You'll get through it. I am also one of those students.

These are the main types of people I notice when I go to a class. Is there any I've missed? Tell me in the comments!