8 Promises I Am Making To Myself In 2018

8 Promises I Am Making To Myself In 2018

More New Years resolutions

The new year is coming, and another one has somehow come and gone without us evening noticing, again. This year I am setting fewer resolutions and making more promises to myself. Small, yet achievable things.

I promise to start saying yes. Whether it be trying new food, going to a place I’ve never visited before, or a blind date set up by mutual friends. I stick to being comfortable in my own little comfort zone. However, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I know I have missed out on new experiences because of my own set boundaries.

I promise to spend less time on social media. My phone is my own worst enemy. In a society where I let “likes” determine my value, I realize God isn’t going to ask for my Twitter handle or Instagram name at the gates of heaven.

But also, I promise to use my social media for good. I will follow the person who is starting photography back on Instagram. Or read the fashion blog made by the girl I went to high school with who is trying to start up her own small business. I will listen to someone’s mixtape on Soundcloud. Use all the social media outlets for good. Hype someone up!!

I promise to take (and actually keep) more pictures. If you follow me on any social media account, you know that I do take plenty of pictures as it is. Because I think it’s really important to take pictures with the people you love. However, I have a bad habit of starring at the pictures and end up hating them and taking them down. I promise to take the pictures and actually keep the photos unedited.

I promise to stop using the dog filter on snapchat. (This will be the hardest one.)

I promise to change my definition of, “early.” Okay I take it back, this will be my hardest one. Coming from the girl who has to set an alarm to wake up for her 1:30 PM class!!! I promise to stop staying up all night binge watching Netflix and then sleeping my entire day away.

Going off of that.. I promise to stop procrastinating. This means putting a stop to turning assignments in at 11:58 pm when they are due at 11:59 pm. Or telling my friends I am, “almost ready” when I am still in my towel an hour after showering. We're all guilty of that though, right??

I promise to make the changes I want to see. Every year we say we’re going to do this, or stop doing that in the new year. But how many people have you seen try to change?.. I promise to be the person that betters themselves in the new year.

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Top 6 Places to Enjoy the Art and Culture of Khajuraho


History of Khajuraho

Khajuraho is a famous tourist spot with several temples & monuments that are as old as the 970 CE. Recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are few surviving temples out of around 85 that were dedicated to both Hinduism & Jainism. Set in the backdrop of scenic waterfalls, rivers, date palm trees, and massive landscape, this city is located in the centre state of India, Madhya Pradesh. These  groups of ancient temples were orginally built by the kings of Chandela Dynasty.  Tourists visit these temples in large crowds each year as each temple/ fort is an interesting tourist spot. Khajuraho is derived from the world ‘Dates’, the dried fruit as it is believed that many date palm trees lined the gigantic wall with eight gates that enclosed the temples.

1. Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho is famous world over for the erotic sculptures. However, these sculptures work out to only a small portion of famous structures that were re-discovered in the late eighteeth century. It was then they were maintained and only few of the 85 temples are now present. As they are spread over acres of land, they are categorized into Eastern, Western, and Southern side. Some of the famous temples include Chaunsat Yogini,  Brahma Temple,  Chitragupta Temple,  Devi Jagdamba Temple, and many others. There is an interessting Tribal Museum where amazing artefacts are showcased. If visiting during February – March, a famous Khajuharo Dance Festival is held during this period. Domestic and international tourists can witness the famous cultural dance forms of India – Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam,  Manipuri, Kathakali,  Odissi &  Kathak.

2. Lakshmana Temple

It is believed that this structure took around 20 years to get sculpted & constructed. It is situated in the Western group of temples at Khajuraho. Dedicated to Vishnu, it is the best preserved temple from all. The main idol is a tri- headed and  four armed form of Vishnu. There is a human head in the center with two boar- heads at either side and the body of a lion. Four high vertical panels make the main entrance to the temple. 

3. Panna National Park

Home to over 200 birds including the King Vulture, Hawk, Eagle, rare insects & colorful butterflies.The Panna Panna National Park houses a Tiger Reserve where wild animals like tiger and deer can be spotted. This massive wildlife park is situated in between the Panna and Vindhya forests. The Ghariyal which is a unique crockodile species is found here. The famous Ken River passes through and various waterfalls including Raneh Falls and Pandva Falls that flow down during the monsoons. Plan your trip with the Maharajas Express train and know about the fares of Maharajas Express train.

 4. Ajaigarh Fort

Among the several monumental structures of the Chandela Dynasty stands theAjaigarh Fort on top a hill. Surrounded by the picturesque Vindhya Hills, it is situated in Panna District of Madhya Pradesh close to Khajuraho. Two temples, and two remaining gates out of five orginal gates and other remains of the monument speaks of its rich history. This palace has amazing architecture with two water tanks called Ganga and Yamuna cut out from the rock on which it stands. The view from the hilltop fort gives splendid views of the Ken River.

5. Kendriya Mahadeo Temple

The speciality of this temple is that it is the largest of all temple . It was constructured back in 1025 AD – 1050 AD.  Kendriya Mahadeo Temple, translates to - Great God of the Cave and has as many as 872 statues depicting divine creatures, evoking scenes, and sculptures.

6. Raneh Falls

One of the best attractions of Madhya Pradesh – The Ken River flows from waterfalls that look as high as the sky. The major ravine measures more than 5 kilometers & is surrounded by multi- colored granite with shades of pink, grey, black & red. Originating from the mighty Vindhya falls, the Ken river spreads to 125 km and ultimately joins up with Ganga & Yamuna rivers. The river, named after historic ruler – Maha Rana Pratap houses several reptiles including the  Ghariyal and passes through the Panna National Park.

How to Reach Khajuraho


The closest airport is Khajuraho Airport with flights connecting to major cities. 


The Khajuraho-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express stops at Khajuraho Railway Station.  Other famous trains to Railway Junction located at a distance of 75 km are Udiapur Khajuraho Express, Bundelkhand Express and Mahakaushal Express. The Luxury Train Maharajas Express also stations here as the tour includes this destination.


 There are intercity regular & private, A/C, Non-A/C, deluxe & semi deluxe to Khajuraho as there is a wide bus network. After arriving at airport /railway station, take an auto or book a cab to the destination. 

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13 Of London's Greatest Eats

What you should eat during your travels.

London's food scene is definitely up and coming. Although they have a reputation for awful food there are definitely a few places that rival food from back home in NYC.

1. Wagamama

I know this is a chain, but it's one of the places I'm probably the most excited to eat at. I know this is a huge favorite of Londoners so it's bound to be good.

2. Homeslice

I know that I will miss pizza while I am abroad and Homeslice is the most acclaimed pizza in London. I don't know that it will be comparable, but it's worth a shot.

3. Poppies

Poppies is one of the most highly rated fish and chips restaurants in London. As London's most notable cuisine better go big or go home and get a dish from a 5-star restaurant.

4. Grill My Cheese

Grilled cheese (or cheese toasties as they call it in England) are never bad, so how could you go wrong. Grill My Cheese does it right making creative sandwiches with well-sourced ingredients.

5. Fortnum & Mason

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason is known as the best and most classic afternoon tea experience. Even the queen has gone to Fortnum & Mason.

6. Bao

Famous for its steamed buns and drinks, Bao's simple menu is filled with foods that are sure to be good. Everything is made in-house daily keeping everything fresh and delicious. Be warned, each location boasts a different menu, meaning you'll have to hit them all.

7. Patisserie Sainte-Anne

The owners of this cafe are straight from Paris, they brought their bakery to Lonon in 2014 after over a decade of success in France. Their £ 3.70 breakfast deal and £6.60 lunch deal is sure to leave you full and happy.

8. Smack Deli

Who doesn't love lobster? Smack deli has a menu of creative lobster rolls different from anything else in the city.

9. The Great Exhibition

Known for its £25 bottomless brunch, The Great Exhibition is a pub with real food. The brunch includes a meal, bottomless mimosas or bloody marys and unlimited toast with jam as well as tea and coffee.

10. Nandos

Another well known English favorite, Nandos is a name known around the world. This is a stop you should be sure to make during your trip.

11. Bob Bob Ricard

Famous for having a "Press for Champagne" button at every table, it is arguable that Bob Bob Ricard serves more champagne than any other restaurant in the city. They take bookings three months in advance, so this is probably not a spur of the moment kinda place.

12. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Also known for its brunch, Bourne & Hollingsworth has unforgettable decor as well. It's an experience you're certain to remember.

13. Borough Market

Borough Market is probably the most iconic market in London, not to mention its filled with good eats. Check out the Prosecco Bar for drinks, they look delicious. The market is also filled with delicious pastries, jams, and fresh fruit.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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