Effects of Climate on Biodiversity
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Effects of Climate on Biodiversity


Effects of Climate on Biodiversity

Ecosystems are significantly impacted by the climate. Ecosystems are impacted by climate change in many different ways.

For instance, animals may be forced to move to latitudes or altitudes with warmer temperatures to ensure their existence. Ecosystems and species are directly impacted by climate change news, but it also combines with other human pressures like development. Even while certain stressors have little effect when operating alone, their combined effects have the potential to produce significant ecological changes. Visit Ground Report to read more on Climate Change issues in India

Climatic Range Modifications:

Many North American species' habitat ranges are shifting northward and upward as temperatures rise. Plants and animals have recently migrated to higher altitudes in both terrestrial and aquatic settings at a median pace of 36 feet (0.011 kilometers) each decade and to high elevations at a median rate of 10.5 miles (16.9 kilometers) per dozen years.

For instance, if boreal forests encroach on the tundra, fewer of the many species that rely on the tundra environment, such as caribou, arctic foxes, and snowy owls, would have a place to call home. Other changes that have been noted in the US include a shift in the temperate mixed/conifer forest border in Southern California, a shift in the shrubland/conifer forest boundary in New Mexico, and a movement in the temperate broadleaf/conifer forest barrier in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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Predator-Prey Breakdowns:

A food web's effects on a specific species can be felt by many different other creatures as a result of climate change news. The complicated intricacy of the food chain for polar bears, for instance, is seen in the image below. Sea ice loss harms polar bear numbers by lowering the size of their primary habitat, but it also has an adverse effect on them because of its influence on the food chain.

Consequences of Buffer and Threshold:

Natural barriers against severe occurrences like wildfires, flooding, and drought can be provided by ecosystems. Ecosystems may be less able to mitigate the effects of extreme weather as a result of climate change and human intervention, which might increase their vulnerability to harm. For instance, wetland ecosystems absorb floodwaters, wetland ecosystems safeguard coastal ecosystems from storm surges, and cyclical wildfires clean excess forest waste and lower the likelihood of dangerously major fires.

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Threats of Catastrophe:

One of the main stresses that might cause species extinction is climate change news, along with habitat damage and pollution. In the event that temperatures rise to the levels predicted to occur by the end of this century, the IPCC predicts that 20–30% of the plant and animal species studied thus far in climate change research are in danger of going extinct.

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