Multichannel eCommerce Platform- The Only Way to Survive the Competition

Multichannel eCommerce Platform- The Only Way to Survive the Competition

The ROI on the multichannel marketing endeavors also saw a good leap.

If you will compare the last decade with the present day with respect to eCommerce you will realize that what was seemed an unattractive business model has now evolved as a multimillion eCommerce industry and forcing even the established enterprises to go online using multichannel eCommerce platform. The reason why multichannel platform is necessary to dive into the growing industry is because having a mere presence without proper optimizations is of no good and will never yield the results an enterprise desires.  

So why it is so that proper optimizations and statistics records are very important consideration? Out of the many studies conducted it has been concluded that many of the business ventures recorded a steep rise in their revenue when they shifted to or chose an eCommerce multichannel platform. This is because extra advertising campaigns through the eCommerce platforms have made the business ventures reach to a higher number of potential clients which ultimately converted into real clients. 

The ROI on the multichannel marketing endeavors also saw a good leap. The direct benefits of eCommerce multichannel platform is that it helps start-up or mid-sized business ventures to stand a chance against the giant of the eCommerce industry like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc. Through eCommerce multichannel platforms like Shopping Cart Elite the business ventures can easily push their brand in order to boost visibility and drive growth. So all that the business venture holders have to do is to monitor the growth and concentrate on their product development.  

It is quite needless to say that it requires a lot of research for business ventures holders who are new to the eCommerce industry but are very eager to make a good online presence. The main medium to do is to decide where to start from and what kind of platform is required to meet the business objectives in the forecasted timeline. Things like whether the eCommerce platform help in setting up the business online and automate everything, provides marketing automation, SEO optimization and whether it provides Omni channel selling capability etc. are some key point to consider. Beside this, there are many checklists that help a business owner to choose the befitting platform so let’s have a look at some of the points to consider: 


Pricing is one factor that start-ups and midsized business ventures have to think about a lot as it finally comes down to capital investment that needs to be done very precisely. Know what it’s going to cost for eCommerce platform plan, hosting, features, security, back-end support, maintenance and help. 

Support for Integrations: 

The online store must look attractive so it is always advised to consider a platform that provides support for integrations of various plugins and software as well as allow different marketing campaigns to run smoothly. 

Scalability and Functionality

The business website must be able to handle large volumes of targeted customers every day. Scalability is one aspect that can never be overlooked as it can impact the revenue of the business venture.  

SEO Friendly Structure and Functions:

SEO is an integral part of any eCommerce website and so the eCommerce platform must be SEO friendly so that content, optimized keywords, SEO friendly URLs, meta tags, navigation links ALT tags, H1, H2, H3 tags etc. can be implemented within the website. 

Payment Gateways: 

The payment gateway is very important aspect as the payment process must be hassle free. Some platforms doesn’t support third party payment vendors like PayPal etc. and it can be a very inconvenience for customers. So check what the payment gateway can handle. 

Mobile Responsiveness:

People nowadays shop through mobile more than the desktop or laptop. So the website should be fully mobile responsive. The eCommerce platform should be able to create versions for both desktop and mobile. 

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You must read before using truck bed liner.

Have you always continued riding down the road and in your new truck and heard a whistling sound coming from your truck bed? Well, that happens a lot because you have a bed liner that is not a custom fit bed liner. Most people think that it’s not a big deal but along with all that noise that bed liner is also giving your paint a real beating under that liner as well.

There are many reasons why you may have a noisy and damaging bed liner. That is why it is important to make sure your bed liner is a custom fit bed liner. Many truck bed liner manufacturers these days make just two sizes when it comes to bed liners-one for a short box and one for a long table. 

Also over time year after year of truck bed liner manufactures not changing their molds it makes for a worse fit every year. When vehicle manufactures change their truck bed specs every year sometimes twice a year, it makes for an even worse fit. This was Okay to make a one size fits all bed liner 10 to 15 years ago when all truck beds were the same but that is not the case anymore some have steps some don’t like it they are all different in many of their ways. Another reason why you may end up with these problems is when the bed liner has to be cut out in certain areas, to allow the tie-downs fit or access to the stake pockets. 

The wind will get in those areas that are open on one truck but not another. When that done, it makes it hard to give a proper fitment for every vehicle not having proper fitment of your DIY bedliner will be the cause of these problems. Over time that will become the reason why you have no paint left under your bed liner and will leave with rust and damage beyond repair to your truck bed.

Dual liner the dual liner bed liner is a multi-piece custom fit bed liner made to fit each vehicle no matter year makes model or size like a glove. At the end of the day if you have a bed liner that is a 100% tight fit you will not have to worry about all the above problems including the most annoying and embarrassing one of all, and that’s a noisy bed liner.

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Why Being A Cat Mom Is The Best Decision I Ever Made

Being a cat mom is so much more different than being a dog mom.

Being a cat mom is so much more different than being a dog mom. Cats and dogs are completely different animals and both can be challenging, simply taking care of an animal is a lot of work and they need tons of attention!

Everyone that I have met that owns an animal LOVES it, even though it is a lot of work. I can proudly say that I love being a cat mom and for the most part, enjoy every minute of it. The times that I do not enjoy it are the times when my cat is digging his claws into my skin. (Ouch!)

Pickles is my loving baby boy. He is a little under a year old and has a very cuddly personality. He is extremely lovable and loves to take naps with me. He is a very sleepy kitty!

Despite being a sleepy boy, he loves to play with his toy pickles and ball of yarn at night. He even has his own little box he likes to play with, which can get very loud!

Being a cat mom can be hard work, but for the most part, owning a cat can be really relaxing! Cat's are much more independent and do not need as much attention that dogs need. I love dogs so much but can't take care of one right now, do to having work and school. Pickles is very independent and likes to spend his alone time napping on the couch.

I love being a cat mom and would not change it for anything in the entire world!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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