Easy ways to improve your company car park
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Easy ways to improve your company car park

Whether you want to improve parking at an office, a hotel or a supermarket there are a few things to think about. From improving safety to upgrading the look of your parking, here are some ways you can do just that.

Easy ways to improve your company car park


Improving safety is a great way to start. Make sure the car park does not have any holes or damaged pavement to ensure a smooth ride. Post appropriate signs and invest in barriers that will stagger the release of cars safely.


Another way to improve security is by installing bollards at the appropriate places in your parking. There are three kind of bollards that you can choose from:

Solid bollards are the ones that are permanently fixed to a spot. Once fixed this kind of bollard cannot be moved to create additional space. These bollards are made from steel and can be filled with concrete to create a barrier for drivers to not drive or park in unauthorised spaces. They are usually painted in yellow with two black stripes towards the top for maximum visibility.

Retractable bollards are positioned in places that need to be blocked off only on certain occasions. As the name suggests the bollards retract into a spot in the ground to make space for a vehicle to pass and pop back up to create a barrier for the next. Mainly used around ticket machines.

Folding bollards can fold when a car bumps into them so the car will pass over it. Folding bollards are used mainly as a visual barrier. However, passing over one makes a loud sound as it scrapes the bottom of the vehicle. They are a more affordable solution to your barrier needs than the other two.


Another feature you can consider is improving the security. Your employees, customers or clients will appreciate the measures you are taking and it will put their minds at ease to know their car and belongings inside are safe while they are at work or in the vicinity of your business.

Depending on your budget, you have many options to increase security. As we said earlier, installing barriers can be helpful, especially retractable ones that will let in only authorised personnel. You can install a gate that opens only with a key card, or even hire a parking attendant. The most popular way of increasing security is to add CCTV to your parking.

Planting Trees

Creating green spaces can be functional as well as making your parking area more attractive. People choose to park their cars under a tree not only to find it more easily but also to use the shade in the sunny and hot weather. Not to mention any tree or shrubbery that you plant is good for the environment.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly

Make your parking safe for those who cycle to work and those who have to walk around the car park to get to their cars or to your business. For pedestrians you can include pedestrian crossings and designated walkways to show you care about the safety of the people, not just their vehicles.

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