22 Easy Ways To Love Yourself

Girls, sometimes we need to show a little love to ourselves, especially when we're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. When I was younger and caught up in the heyday of my boy and self-esteem issues, I listened to Taylor Swift. While I would strongly suggest downloading her first few albums, I understand that Taylor isn't everyone's cup of tea (or pint of chocolate ice cream). So here's 22 ways to give yourself some lovin' when you're feeling...well, feeling 22.

1. Give another human some genuine encouragement. Ironically enough, you'll feel lifted up yourself!

I do, Ryan Gosling. I really, really do.

2. Do like Taylor Swift and shake. it. off.

Sometimes that's the best advice.

3. Think of three to five people who really love you.

That means family, friends, significant others, you name it. Visualize their faces, imagine their voices, and remember the last time they were there for you.

4. Think of last person who really, reallllly loved you.

I mean, you're 22, it's alright.

5. It's OK if you're still thinking about No. 4, but don't get too caught up now.

Remembering them can help you remember what it feels like to be loved unconditionally -- they taught you that, right?

6. If your answer to No. 5 was no, decide to find someone who will.

What will they be like? Make it a private goal to find them.

7. Go on and take some dang selfies already.

You know you want to.

8. Call your mom (or mom figure).

Moms can fix anything.

9. Call your dad.

Dads can do anything.

10. Call your best friend in the whole world.

Best friends can fix and do anything (like even survive an accidental double wedding).

11. Do that one thing you've been meaning to do forever but have never gotten around to doing.

Don't let your closet look like Monica's.

12. Do something fuss-free that doesn't cost you a thing.

Dance in a rainstorm with your roomies. Eat breakfast at midnight. End up dreaming instead of sleeping.

13. Do something that makes you feel like a little kid again.

If it feels right, it is right.

14. Write down all the concrete, everyday things that keep you going in life. Don't stop writing until you run out of things.

Make sure you look like this when you do it.

15. Splurge on an awesome new outfit.

Nothing makes you love yourself like feeling yourself.

16. Dance to your favorite song.

Just jam out.

17. Make a bucket list. Make yourself stick to it.

OK, so maybe that's not on your bucket list. But you get the picture.

18. Bake something.

According to Taylor, you can get those "in love" feels by baking cookies.

19. Write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life and doesn't know it.

*Sniffle, sniffle*

20. Feel some gratitude.

Scientists find that taking a minute to slow down and count your blessings actually diminishes depression. Yep, that means you can literally train your brain to love life more.

21. Start a new exercise routine.

I know you've heard it before. But it works wonders.

22. Find your own ways to love yourself.

It's not always easy, but it's so worth it.

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