The Spring Cleaning Checklist For Everyone

The Spring Cleaning Checklist For Everyone

Everyone talks about the physical aspects of spring cleaning like the house, dishes, and laundry. Here are a few more tips to make your spring easy and breezy with less of the stress.

Holly Hayes

The changing of seasons can be hard to handle, especially in states where the weather is...a little unsure of what it's doing. Currently, we are approaching spring. The flowers will bloom and the sun will make grand appearances, the sadness of winter will fade away. So, as we stumble through the ups and downs of the weather into a sweet spring there are some things we could all do to clean out our lives.

1. Change up your closet!

The weather is changing, so put those oversized (and comfy, warm) sweaters in a far away crevice of the closet. It's time to pull out some brighter, lighter clothes that will agree with the weather! Increasing temps don't necessarily mean tank tops and shorts, but surely we could throw on a t-shirt and leave the coats at home.

Changing up your closet could also be a good time to clean it out. I have a feeling we all have a stash of clothes that haven't been worn in almost a year, and it's time we reclaimed our closet space and threw them away—but actually take them to a local consignment shop, or donate them to a local organization who will give them a new home with people in need.

2. Clean up your house.

It's hard to have a good outlook on life if you come home and the clutter is up to your chin and daunting. Take a day to sort out all of the knick-knacks lying around with no certain home. Walk into the kitchen and do the dishes—yes, there does come a time when you must actually wash them. Sweep the floors, dust the shelves, crank some music while you're at it and just slay the day. Cleaning declutters the house and is a good way to relieve some of your own stress from the last week.

3. Clean out your notifications.

We are approaching a time of the year where cleaning is the main point brought up. We always talk about the physical cleaning of the house, room, and closets. However, you could just spend some time clicking away the notifications on your phone. It'll make it look neater, and you'll feel like you've accomplished something even if you've only clicked three buttons. For those with email on our phones, it's time to scroll and scroll through the forgotten emails that have piled up to the point of 200 notifications. The task may seem like a lot, but it won't take as long as you think and you might find some interesting stuff along the way.

4. Clean out the toxic people.

While we are cleaning everything else in our life, we might as well kick some nasty people to the curb too. The 'friends' we haven't talked to or have been avoiding for the last two years since high school—delete their numbers and move on. Stop forcing yourself to hang out with people who aren't supporting you. If someone is dragging you down, drop them. On your phone and look through your contacts, friends, and followers. If you aren't close anymore, you haven't spoken in forever or had a falling out a while ago—delete their contact, unfriend/unfollow them, and have a more stress-free feed on social media.

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