April 22nd is International Earth day so, in honor of this day where we celebrate our planet earth, it is on us, the people who inhabit the planet, to make an effort to keep her clean and well treated. Though we do live on such a large planet and it may seem like an impossibility to try and help the entire planet on just one day, but there is something you can do. Keeping the planet clean by picking up any stray trash you see on the ground is one of the many things you can do to help, but also there is an even easier thing you can do in Orlando for your planet. That is going outside and taking the day to enjoy what mother nature has to offer, luckily there are some fantastic places right here in Orlando for you to do just that.

1. Lake Eola.


Take a stroll around the beautiful Lake Eola located in the heart of downtown Orlando. Take a swan boat out on the lake you or maybe on Sunday go and enjoy the local farmers market. You can a moment to sit near the water and watch the swans. Lake Eola is the perfect playground for you to sit back and relax with nature.

2. Shady Park.


Centrally located in historic Hannibal Square is a shady park. It is a fairly large and quiet park and really has so much to offer you this Earth Day. Enjoy sitting along the park's path with its many benches that the city has provided and just take in the sounds of the birds, or squirrels running up the trees. Or maybe you can go sit by the fountain and take in the breeze, it's the perfect place for you to take your friends, family or loved ones to enjoy the day.

3. Central Park.


Central Park, is Winter Park's place to be when thinking of spending this Earth day outside with your friends and loved ones. Conveniently located on Park Avenue right in the heart of the downtown shopping district, not only can you go out and enjoy the spacious 11 arcs of land for a quiet picnic, but you can also opt into enjoying one of the many restaurants facing the park. Sip some wine and watch the bees buzz around the bushes and the birds nesting in the trees.

4. Kraft Azalea Garden.


If you are going to explore the outdoors this earth day, why not stop by Kraft Azalea Garden, located on the shore of Lake Maitland. Park hours are from 8 a.m. until dusk all year around. While walking through the garden you'll notice the incredible cypress trees and beautiful stone pillars looking over the waterfront. It is a beautiful sight to take in and really dive into what nature has to offer.

5. Boat Tours in Winter Park.


Maybe sitting and watching nature while having a snack isn't your style. Why not take things this earth day out to the waters? Head down over to Scenic Boat Tours located on East Morse Boulevard. You and your friends can float along the chain lakes while watching the sunset, take in all of the beautiful views while looking at what beautiful scenery Orlando has to offer, and possibly discussing your new approach towards a greener lifestyle!

While it is a beautiful notion to take one day of the year to celebrate the planet and what she has to offer us, we must remember to appreciate the beauty of the world offers us every day.