7 Lessons I took from Early College and apply to University

I Went To Early College High School Instead Of Public School And It Taught Me 7 Lessons For University

Early College High School is a mix of 2 educations that you may or may not be able to cope with and I went through it so you can make the decision if Early College is for you.

In Middle School, I was not planning on going into Early College because my big sister went in and hated it. The only problem with my planning was I did not predict that my parents had already applied to Early College for me. *sigh* Yay, I know right?

My freshman year pretty basic because they want to go ahead and ease you into those AP classes and know it hard! After my freshman year, I started taking college classes on that Campus because the High School was built on that Community Colleges campus so it was easily accessible for the adults attending and the students at my High School

After that was different by far!

7. It feels like you have been fighting a forced battle

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Whether it's a battle against your grades, juggling High School and College or fighting the decision your parents made for you, it is all a battle that you have to plow through. This, however, did prepare me to fight for the 4 Year University I wanted to go to and my time-management. My mother wanted me to go to a University near my home but I desperately wanted to go to the College I had been hoping to go to for years. I defied her and applied and got in!

Lesson: You have to fight for what you want. I didn't fight my parents about Early College because I knew it would benefit me in the future. But after that, I stopped letting them make my decisions. When you get on a 4-year Universities campus, you have to make decisions that benefit you, not implicate you.

6. Mental Health is very important in College

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I thought that the whole thing about College affecting you badly was just a joke but after Early College, I take it so seriously now. Having been stressed for 4 years just for my associate's degree was a definite negative for my mental depression. I started college classes at 15 and was constantly being told by the school that I could handle the work so when I fell behind or was failing a class, it made me think that something was wrong with me. I mean, everyone is telling me I should have no problem.

Lesson: Early College taught me to never stress myself to the point of depression. It is an education, not a death sentence. I take this lesson seriously since I started my 4 year University.

5. Main Campus was a whole different ball game!

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Just think, I was used to going to one small building on my own campus for my college classes but at the beginning of my Junior year, they sent me and about 75 other students an hour away. On the first day of classes, we are released onto the large campus to find a building we have never seen or been to before because that would have been a whole other day they would have had to pay for.

Lesson: That campus really did disillusion me when I started my 4 Year University. I now map out my schedules and look at the Campus before my first day! It really does help you from looking like a clueless Freshman.

4. It turns you cray-cray! 

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If it's not the work that turns you crazy, its the lack of sleep and lack of friends that will. I woke up every morning at 7 to get on a bus at 8 and then got to Main Campus at 9 and then you have classes until the bus picks you up at 2 or 3:30 to get to the High school at 4:30. If your unlucky, you have to then take your bus home and I didn't get home until 5. Now I am no Counselor but I do seriously worry about my sleep schedule back then. I am spending from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. going to school, attending class, and coming back with only 4 hours to work on classwork and for myself until I go to sleep at 11 or 12. But face it, I never went to bed on time. The lack of sleep did get to me and I felt like I was going crazy.

Lesson: Sleep is really important and even if your schedule is hectic, don't neglect your health, especially since in a 4-year University, you are in control and don't have your mom waking you up to go to school.

3. You turn people crazy trying to explain it. 

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Me trying to explain the program to someone who has never heard it before is really complicated because they think all sorts of things. And I have met some people that just said "forget it, you are in a special school. That's all I need to know."

Lesson: I can't say anything because it makes me look like an *sshole so I learned to give up on what is hopeless. At my 4 year University, I still have to explain I am sorta a transfer student and a Junior but if they don't understand it, I simply say I am just a Junior.

2. But you get your Associates degree basically for free.

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Other than the School fees that add up to about $1,200 for 4-5 years is not a bad deal. I have associates degree and still have all my Financial Aid hours intact. I plan to aim for a Bachelors and, if its possible, a Masters degree with that! I am hopeful but only time will tell. I was in College for 3 years, what is another 2 or 4? I have to take it as it comes and I am not tired of learning yet.

Lesson: With the money, you save from going to Early College, you can pursue a Masters degree or something else with your FAFSA hours.

1. And Finishing the Program makes you more happy than anything!

I don't have any pics alone! LOL~ (it slipped my mind in the excitement :P)

My Big Sister ended up not finishing but I made it! The graduations were back to back so on Friday I had my High School Graduation and Saturday was my Community College Graduation. When you finish the program you will want nothing more than to take a year off and that is what I did, the reason why I just started my 4 Year University, UNCG this year.

Lesson: Some of the best things are the hardest and most difficult things to get through.

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