1. Have you looked at him?

Yes, I have already started thinking of ways to proposition him to bear his children.

2. He can pull off a pair of glasses like nobodies business.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful pair of glasses on a more beautiful face?

3. His sass level is off the charts.

We could banter back and forth for hours.

4. He knows how to make you feel like you matter.

It's like he's speaking to my soul.

5. He rocks a beanie as if it were purposely created for his head only.

Glasses and a beanie? That's a double threat.

6. He even looks stunningly beautiful with a buzz cut.

What it would be like to pet his head ... I know I'm not the only one thinking it.

7. He understands the importance and value of things in life.

I would give my right arm to eat free food with Dylan.

8. He cares for animals and nonchalantly takes swoon worthy pictures with them.

Is it possible to photoshop my face for the dogs face?

9. He is wise beyond his years.

Boys take note.

10. He tells it like it is and has no problem being blunt.

Would anyone reject his offer?

11. He is a normal human being who gets crushes like everyone else.

Except he is a zillion times more attractive and has no reason to be nervous because he's a stellar human being.

12. He has a realistic outlook on life.

He gets me ... I mean people ... well mostly me.

13. He actually realizes what matters when looking for a relationship.

Wait, so some people know it's not just about looks? That's shocking.

14. He is modest, sexy, and socially awkward. Could a human being be any more perfect?

I want socially awkward! I want socially awkward! Pick me! pick me!

15. I just ... can we just ... I can't ... I mean ... COME FREAKING ON!

Imagine him saying this to you ... did your heart stop?


And on August 26, 1991 a God was made.