6 Times Dwight Shrute Gracefully Portrayed The Struggles Of Dancers Onstage

6 Times Dwight Shrute Gracefully Portrayed The Struggles Of Dancers Onstage

Bears. Beats. Break down the moves.

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As the summer approaches, most dancers will find themselves on the stage for a final performance of the season. College students will be performing student and guest choreography, as high schoolers will be taking their bows after dancing in pieces that have been worked on throughout the year. These performances bring out the best in us dancers, and we truly enjoy every moment of our itchy, tight costumes and the bright lights beaming upon us. There is no better thrill than this.

1. When something doesn't feel right as you're stretching

It is always important to warm up your body before your performance. The last thing any dancer wants to experience is soreness or even an injury during a show. Even in class, tight muscles can put us in the worst mood. During a show, tight muscles are the last thing that we want to have.

2. The moment the curtain rises

There is a certain feeling every dancer gets when preparing themselves to begin their piece. As you take the dark stage in your starting positions, the stage feels so welcoming. The curtain rises, the lights shine in your eyes, and suddenly everything doesn't matter except for letting your heart pour out on stage.

3. Quick changes

You often wonder why you are always the first one in the locker room to be ready for gym class, but then you remember that dance taught you how to change clothes like a ninja. Quick changes can be stressful, but us dancers know how to get them done effectively.

4. Checking everyone's costumes and jewelry closely

Everything must look clean on stage. The same makeup, lashes fully glued on, No jewelry, and no nail polish. You suddenly become a member of the FBI before entering the stage because you investigate each dancer; you focus on every last detail.

5.Receiving a rare compliment from your choreographer

After exiting the stage, you become your own worst enemy. Dancers are very hard one themselves and always look for ways to improve. You go backstage after performing, expecting your choreographer to yell at you for something, and receiving a compliment is rare but appreciated so very greatly.

6. Emotional attachment to your piece

Whether it may be the first or the last time performing a piece in your concert or recital, you still gain an emotional attachment to this dance number. You have worked so hard for many hours to bring such a special piece together, and you never want to stop performing it.

7. "The rush"

There is a certain rush that runs through a dancer's body when performing. There is something so special about every aspect of a performance. Being able to pour your heart out on stage is something not everyone has the privilege to experience, and the ability to do so should be greatly appreciated.

Lipstick on, hair slicked, Curtain up, lights on. It's showtime!

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