Dual PC Streaming Guide In 2021
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Dual PC Streaming Guide In 2021

One great way to do that is with a dual PC streaming set up – essentially using two separate PCs, one for gaming and the other for broadcasting – to maximize

Dual PC Streaming

It's no secret that game streaming is huge business these days, with tons of pennants trying to set themselves piecemeal from the competition to show off their bents and make their cult.

One great way to do that's with a binary PC gaming set up – basically using two separate PCs, one for gaming and the other for broadcasting – to maximize performance. The process to configure this type of setup can be a little tricky, so we 've put together this handy companion to help.

Why Binary PC Streaming

Gaming alone can stress indeed high end, current word PC tackle, so adding streaming to the blend and all the handling programs that can number on one system can be especially trying, unless of course you 're working with a seriousmulti-core system.

The end result can be a laggy gaming experience that does n't reflect well on your gaming prowess. To break this, numerous of the top pennants are beginning to use a alternate PC to broadcast their sluice, runs OBS, their bots, etc,

leaving the first PC to concentrate solely on producing those eye- popping frame rates that gamers love. Hourly, this is easier/ further cost effective than replacing your current PC with new, more extreme tackle.

How to Configure Binary PC Streaming

The easiest way to configure a binary PC streaming set up is by using a prisoner card to capture the gaming affair (both videotape and audio) and pass that onto the streaming system to shoot off to Twitch. This basically treats the gaming PC like a press devoted just to your game.

You 'll want the PC with the more important CPU to act as the streaming system and the bone with the more important GPU to run your games. The illustration below should help.
Binary PC Streaming Guid

Hardware You 'll Need For Binary PC streaming, you 'll need
Two PCs, one further GPU ferocious (gaming), rather with NVIDIA RTX 3000 plates and the other further CPU ferocious (streaming), rather with a multicore processor like Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 5000. Our platoon can help with configuring two systems that will be optimized for your requirements and budget, but our Raptor Z55 is an excellent starting point.

Two observers (or further) since you 'll need at least one display for each PC.

Capture card – This is the tackle that " captures" the word from your gaming system. We like the El Gato HD60 Pro as an internal result. This goes in the streaming box. You can buy that then from Amazon.

Binary PC Streaming Step by Step Guide

To rightly configure your two PCs for streaming, there's some work to do coordinating displays.

First, download and install your streaming software (OBS, SLOBS, Xsplit, etc) .Plug the HDMI string from your gaming PC into the " in" on your prisoner card On the gaming system, Right click the desktop and elect Display Settings.

Make sure the streaming system's prisoner card shows as a duplicated display from your main gaming examiner On the streaming system, open your installed streaming software and add the prisoner card as a streaming source. How to do so will vary depending on your app, so check with the inventor for backing with that.

Corroborate that your gaming display shows in the exercise window of your streaming software. Audio should come through to the streaming PC via HDMI as well, but corroborate that's has before pacing.
And now you should be over and running, ready to conquer the streaming geography. Good luck!

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