How I Got Rid Of My College Acne

When it comes to bright and healthy skin it's pretty obvious when my face needs a new line of defense. This is especially true after making a move across state lines where the climate is different. At the start of college, it never struck me that now living in dryer weather I'd need to change up my skin care products.

Finding a custom skin care routine that jives with the tone and moisture of your skin can take time and research, sometimes even help from a dermatologist. Cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer are essential in every skin care routine but for advanced care, toners, serums, eye cream, and more should be incorporated.

If you recently moved to a dry climate, or typically have drier skin, it's important to take note of which order you apply skin care products. Most skin care professionals suggest different morning and night time routines. For dry skin, it's best to start each morning with a cleansing lotion. Allow this moisturizer to soak for two or three minutes then apply some toner to even out any red patches.

Before applying makeup be sure to use a serum. I prefer something with antioxidants. KYPRIS Beauty's serum is one of my favorites, it's great for sensitive and dry skin as it is both all-natural and hydrating. The serum is infused with sea algae and herb-derived antioxidants designed to enhance radiance and elasticity. You'll want to finish with a moisturizer containing SPF 30 or higher. After a few minutes, feel free to top off your morning cleanse and hydration with whatever makeup routine you prefer.

At the end of the day clean of dirt and oil with your cleansing lotion again and follow up with more toner. If the toner or face wash you use has witch hazel, alcohol, or menthol only apply it a few times a week. Have separate toner and wash that is less harsh on your skin for any days in between. The third step of my cure-all night time routine is another serum, but this time I recommend something with retinol.

Eye cream is also important when caring for dry skin, especially as we get older. Depending on age and skin moisture, there are several different types of eye cream designed to aid different skin concerns. This can range from puffiness or dark circle relief to long-term wrinkle treatment.

The final step in your skincare routine should always be a moisturizer. I like to use something different than the SPF face lotion I apply in the morning. Once you've found the right products and learn to follow a carefully crafted routine, here are a few other tips to keep in mind.

5 Tips for Healthy Skin:

1. Use products that cater to your skin concerns

2. Use a product with SPF 30 or higher at least once a day

3. Be consistent

4. Don't expect immediate results

5. Test new products one at a time

For most, the hardest bit to keep in mind is that the results you're looking for may not be instant. Patience and consistency are key in this game. If you continue to suffer from breakouts try to think of the bigger picture. The acne may be caused by makeup, makeup removers or cleansing wipes, a dirty pillowcase, or something else.

If your acne persists, seek help from a dermatologist. Sometimes prescription-grade products are the answer, especially for teens and young adults. There are even companies with products and detailed descriptions online that offer co-pay assistance programs for students on a budget.

My go-to has always been PruGen Pharmaceuticals. Their dermatology products range from acne treatment to more serious skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. The best part is, you can get your prescription totally free. Ask your doctor about the PruGen $0 Co-Pay Program and order online.

Treating acne breakouts is frustrating. It's nearly impossible to pinpoint the best process for mitigating pimples you already have and preventing future pimples from coming along. Fortunately, dermatologists are getting better with each new formula and customized treatments are available. With a little online research and a few more guides like mine, you can even find yours doctor's office-free.

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