Chances are, if you have social media, you know what it's like to be obsessed with it. Dare I even say addicted? Of course it sounds outrageous to be addicted to a device... But if you're still in denial, yet you open, close, and reopen your phone constantly, you probably have the same issue as me.

I find myself filling any free second I have with a mindless scroll and another wasted minute staring at my screen. The fact that I get (subconsciously) uncomfortable any time that I'm not being stimulated quite honestly scares me. I don't want to instinctively open an app and not realize until I'm five swipes down my newsfeed.

I've done social media cleanses before and not once have I regretted them. By the end of my Instagram hiatus I am often left wondering where I even found time to fit in my daily dosage. However, the first couple days are rough as I'm met with no choice but to get up out of bed or close my eyes and dose off without some scrolling to do.

The best and worst thing Apple could have done for me is update the iPhone to show you how much screen time you are accumulating. Sadly, it is mostly because I have wasted over eight hours a week on social media that I have decided to log off for the month of January.

However, there are plenty of other good reasons to delete your apps for a nice refresher.

January is the month of goal setting and renewal. Why not start 2019 fresher, with less time spent staring at your screen? In a time where you're calibrating for the year ahead and planning all of your greatness, the comparison and envy that Instagram (and all social media) provides is of no good use.

Spending January being present in the moment, without the constant notifications and instant gratification of a like or scroll is bound to set the year up to be a good one.

Intentionality is key when striving for any goal. Be intentional this year in order to create the best 2019 for you. For me, a social media free January is my first step.

....See you in February!