3 Best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka
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3 Best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka

Here we are talking about the Best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka

Best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka

Are you looking for the best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka for your close relatives or friends? Don't know which one will be the best for them with better care and services? Can't choose the right one? You have come to the right place.

For your better acknowledgment, I have tried my best to provide you with the most important information with the address of all the drug addiction treatment centers in Dhaka. Have a look below.

What is drug addiction?

When someone becomes addicted to the drug and can't resist it, that is called drug addiction. Drug addiction leads one to take not only heroin, cocaine but also nicotine, alcohol or pain killers. This addiction also harms the addict's judgment, memory, decision making and ability to learn.

What is drug addiction treatment?

Drug addiction treatment is only for those who are greatly addicted to drugs intentionally or unintentionally. This treatment helps the addicted people to stop taking drugs. Drug addiction treatment varies according to the need of the patient. All the treatments are mainly provided by counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers.

3 best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka

Drug addiction is a major problem nowadays not only in Bangladesh but also in our surrounding countries. This problem is increasing day by day, especially among youngers. That's why, now most of the public, private and social centers come forward for the treatment of the drug-addicted people.

Here I am going to give you an idea of the 3 best drug addiction treatment centers in Dhaka. These centers not only deal with people who are addicted to the drug but also help with their mental problems.

1. Mukti Drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka

Mukti is the first rehabilitation center for the treatment of drug-addicted people, officially started its journey on Feb 27, 1988, in Eskaton Dhaka. It was founded by D.R Ali Asker Qureshi and has both national and international certifications. Still, now, it is considered as the most established rehabilitation and anti-drug treatment center in Dhaka.

Why should you go there?

  • Offers short term Drug-detox treatment with a course of relapse prevention techniques.
  • It also takes care of the mentally ill people.
  • Proper functioning day and night by a highly authoritative person including chief counselor, Addiction specialists, and chairman.
  • Provide detoxification treatment and services. More than 90,000 Drug addicted people received that treatment.
  • Provides 24 hours of Drug helpline services.
  • Create a mass awareness and prevention campaign.

Where is it situated?

The main office of this center is at Gulshan in Dhaka.


237/2 New Elephant Road, Dhaka 1205

2. BARACA (Bangladesh Rehabilitation and Assistance Center for Addicts):

If anyone wants to get rid of drug addiction with proper treatment and care, this center can be an ideal choice for them. This is one of the best rehab centers in Bangladesh.

This is a non-government, voluntary & non-profitable organization, was established on 1st July 1988 and the second drug treatment and rehabilitation center in Bangladesh.

Why you should come here?

  • It provides better treatment, rehabilitation and arranges numerous awareness programs as prayer, meditation, education, cooperation, group therapy, fine art, household chores, cooking, entertainment for the welfare of the drug-addicted person.
  • It also works for harm and risk reduction providing VCT (Voluntary Counseling & Testing) for the drug-dependent person.
  • Further, it has a daycare facility for street-based children and day to night shelter for providing better treatment and rehabilitation services.
  • It also bears the capacity of treating mental disorder patients.
  • Ensure open place air with natural beauty.

Where is it situated?

It is situated in three different places based on male, female and street boy children. There are three communities of this treatment center.

* BARACA Male Therapeutic Community


Village: Kamalapur,

Union: Birulia,

Upazila: Savar,

Dhaka – 1340

* BARACA Female Therapeutic Community


17/19, Azam Road (3rd floor),

Block-D, Mohammadpur


* BARACA DIC & Night Shelter for Street Boy Children


Billal Shah Medicine Markel (2nd floor) 7 No.

Hayabatnagar Dewan Shaheb Lane,

Babu Bazar


3. Amar Home drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka

This is another best treatment center for the drug-addicted people that is providing new life to them for more than 10 years and doing their job with proper care and dedication. Their services are highly individualized to each client, within a structured. It is one of the nation's best comprehensive treatment programs, right in the heart of Dhaka.

Why you should come here?

  • Provide a range of professional services with a compassionate environment.
  • Provide both in-patient and out-patient facilities.
  • Giving a safe, caring and therapeutic environment just like home.
  • Expert therapists and specialists for the treatment of the affected people.
  • Multidisciplinary treatment approach.
  • It offers a powerful family support program for treatment.
  • It also offers a high quality of aftercare program providing comfortable living environments and therapeutic supports.

Where is it situated?

It is situated in Dhaka at Uttara.


House 46, Road 02, Sector 09
Uttara, Dhaka-1230


Overall, we can say, now you are well aware of the best drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka. I hope, the information mentioned above, will definitely help you to choose the perfect drug addiction treatment center for you in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. So, don't be late and visit all these centers and save the life of the addicted people by bringing a new light for them.

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